America’s Got Talent finalist spotlight: How Sara & Hero can win

Sara & HeroFor the second straight year, we are here to kick off one of our favorite article series: The America’s Got Talent finalist spotlights. There are ten people now in the running for the grand prize, but only one of them can win. Can any of them, including Sara & Hero. take home the grand prize? You can debate that if you’d like in the comments, but we’re assuming within this series that they can.

Today, we at CarterMatt are going to look more extensively at Sara Carson and her beloved dog, who we’ve loved ever since the beginning of the season. It’s great to see a genuine “dancing dog” act actually make it to the finale, given that there haven’t been too many acts specifically like this in America that are focused more on one dog, even if we’ve had cameos recently from another dog in Loki. Hero? Loki? It’s starting to become clear why her act is called The Supercollies online.

Their strengths – Sara & Hero are fun! We think that there are a lot of things about the world today that aren’t fun, and as a result of that you do need to embrace something a little more silly and enjoyable every now and then. We think that these two bring a lot of that to the table, Hero’s tricks are impressive, and their story is incredibly endearing. Sara’s worked with her dogs for years traveling North America, but this is an opportunity for her to book bigger shows and also help educate more people to train their dogs using positive reinforcement.

What do they need to watch out for? – Mostly, finding a way to showcase some new tricks in the midst of such a high-octane environment. They have only a few minutes on the stage, and they have to make the most of it. Unfortunately, variety acts are often unfairly criticized for doing the same thing time and time again, even if singers actually are just doing variations of different songs.

How they win – Sara & Hero need to come out from the start high energy, and showcase everything that they can do together and then some. Create an act that makes Hero the star and make everyone impressed by him; yet, also make sure to emphasize the bong that is there between dog and owner. We see too often with dog acts that big and crazy isn’t necessarily the way to go. There is something to be said sometimes about something small, simple, and endearing. In the midst of a finale that will probably be big and loud, this could be the way to go.

We do consider ultimately Sara & Hero to be underdogs (pun intended), but who knows? If they could make it into the top five, maybe America really does love a certain dog this year!

Do you think that Sara & Hero will be the America’s Got Talent winner for season 12? Be sure to share in the comments or the poll below! You can also click here to view other Finalist Spotlights for this season. (Photo: NBC.) 

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