America’s Got Talent finalist spotlight: How Chase Goehring could win

Chase GoehringFor the second straight year, we are here to kick off one of our favorite article series: The America’s Got Talent finalist spotlights. There are ten people now in the running for the grand prize, but only one of them can win. Can any of them, including Chase Goehring. take home the grand prize? You can debate that if you’d like in the comments, but we’re assuming within this series that they can.

Today, we at CarterMatt are going to look more extensively at Chase, the most original singer of the bunch this season. He’s witty, smart, funny, and he’s got an ability to tell meaningful stories through his lyrics. The Ed Sheeran comparisons have been made time and time again, but there probably haven’t been enough Jason Mraz comparisons on the show itself — we’re sure he still gets it a lot. He may be somewhat of an underdog to win, but there is still a chance that something crazy happens and he pulls this off.

His strengths – Obviously, originality. He’s got a talent that nobody else can touch or deny because it’s pure and it’s very much linked simply to him. He doesn’t need flashy props our a big production; instead, all he needs is to be able to go out on stage, tell a story through his song, and be super-likable. If he can do all of that and hit the necessarily notes, he’s always going to have a good chance.

What does he need to watch out for? – The obvious concern with Chase is that sooner or later, he’s going to perform a song that isn’t as popular as the others. We do think his most-recent number was a little less catchy, but still definitely had a lot of power and depth to it. America’s a little fickle, but he needs to be aware of that and choose one that’s flashy and has a melody that people can easily hum in their head.

How he wins – There are times when we heavily discourage repeat performances, but in this case it absolutely makes some sense for Chase to do a reprisal. We’d suggest going back to “Acapella,” the Judge Cuts number that got him the Golden Buzzer from DJ Khaled. It hasn’t been done live, viewers already know it, and it’s been long enough that they would welcome it.

Now, does Chase actually need to win this show? We’d argue that he doesn’t since he can probably make more music under his own terms if he comes in fourth or fifth place than if he finishes first. He won’t have any real pressure on him, and he can book more touring gigs and probably take advantages of more opportunities to release music. In 2017, winning really isn’t everything.

Do you think that Chase Goehring will be the America’s Got Talent winner for season 12? Be sure to share in the comments or the poll below! You can also click here to view other Finalist Spotlights for this season. (Photo: NBC.) 


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