America’s Got Talent finalist spotlight: How Darci Lynne could win

Darci LynneFor the second straight year, we are here to kick off one of our favorite article series: The America’s Got Talent finalist spotlights. There are ten people now in the running for the grand prize, but only one of them can win. Can any of them, including Darci Lynne. take home the grand prize? You can debate that if you’d like in the comments, but we’re assuming within this series that they can.

Today, we at CarterMatt are looking at someone in Darci who’s been considered one of the favorites to win ever since she first appeared with her puppet during the audition stage. She managed to completely wow the judges with not just her ventriloquism skills, but also her singing. She only has one more performance to until the finale, and we feel like some people out there are assuming that she’s got the grand prize in the bag. We’re not willing to go that far, mostly because anything can happen on this show. The focus of this article is just figuring out what she needs to do in order to get to the finish line.

Her strengths – Darci is, by far, one of the most unique acts in the history of the show. While Terry Fator did the same thing that she does, that was a good 10 years ago and there’s clearly a lot that has transpired between now and then in the competition. What she does is very unique, and what was impressive about her last performance was that her comedy was almost as good as her singing. She needs to have both if she’s going to have a successful act, and we do think she will.

What does she need to watch out for? – Resting on her laurels. Darci has been told all season long that she’s amazing, astounding, and one of the people everyone on the show should be afraid of. If you continue to hear that, then maybe it does settle in that you’re going to win and you should probably play it safe. If she does something a little too similar to a past performance, we can see someone else sneaking up on her and winning the season in an upset.

How she wins – Darci comes out and does another hilarious and incredible performance — we’d bring back her puppet from the first audition, but do a totally different song. We do think she’s got a great shot, but ultimately, it probably doesn’t matter if she wins given that she’s got a huge future in Las Vegas. Fator is one of the most successful reality show winners of all time, and while she may still be young, if she can hone this skill over the next few years there’s no reason to think that she couldn’t have a show of her own there.

Do you think that Darci Lynne will be the America’s Got Talent winner for season 12? Be sure to share in the comments or the poll below! You can also click here to view other Finalist Spotlights for this season. (Photo: NBC.) 

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