How Lucifer season 3 netted Tom Welling for Marcus Pierce

Tom Welling photoIf there is one big casting coup leading into the 2017-18 season, it is Lucifer season 3 finding a way to get Tom Welling. The former Smallville star has steered clear of virtually all things TV since ceasing his run as Clark Kent, and you have to think that in the process of his time away, there were many different offers coming in his direction.

So why choose to come back now, especially when you think for a minute about everything else that he could have done, and for this show? Sometimes, things just fall into the right place at the right time, and that’s something that show executive producer Joe Henderson noted in handing down the following message to TVLine:

“[Getting Tom on board was] a combination of the right time and the right role. Tom is someone that I think a lot of people tried to get back on TV every year, and we didn’t expect to be able to get him, but he was interested. He liked the show, and honestly, we pitched him from a position of passion.”

As for Welling himself, good word of mouth absolutely played a factor:

“I knew the show, and I knew people who’d worked on the show who told me I would love these people … I love it. I mean, I’m on set laughing. It’s really a joy, as cliche as that can be. I’m happy and proud when I tell people on this show, like, ‘Go watch it!’”

Welling also confirms in this interview that his character of Marcus Pierce, an officer of the law and potential love interest to Chloe Decker (Luaren German) is going to be around for fifteen of the upcoming episodes. You’re not going to see him every week (especially since there are those episodes already in the can from the second season), but you better still believe that he has an enormous role to play in everything coming the rest of the season. For Lucifer, we at CarterMatt mostly just like the notion that there is this hyper-intelligent, very savvy guy who isn’t afraid to take him on. He seems fine for a challenge, but their true dynamic is probably something that is going to come out more over time. We’re nonetheless very much psyched to see how this is all going to play out.

Beyond just Tom Welling

There are of course a number of different stories coming up for a lot of different characters! For one, you’ve got everything with Lucifer and the wings, and then beyond that, you’ve also got some big stuff coming for Maze and Linda. You can head over to the link here right now in the event that you do want to score some more news on that.

What do you want to see for Tom Welling when it comes to his Lucifer season 3 role?

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