Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Final HoH (Part 1) winner revealed

final HoHTonight on Big Brother 19the final HoH competition will officially begin! There are three players left in Paul, Christmas, and Josh, and now, all bets are off. These three have to turn on one another now, and everyone should want to win the last competition of the season.

Granted, we do think that Paul needs this the most given that it makes zero sense for anyone else to take him to the end of the game. Even if some jurors are bitter against him, he obviously has played the best game and it’s really not even close.

Unfortunately, the feeds were not live for this endurance competition, which is something that we did get a chance to see in past seasons. For one reason or another production went in a different direction with it this year and we didn’t get to actually see it. Curses! When the feeds did come on well past midnight Big Brother Time, it was finally clear that (shocker) Paul had won the first part of the final Head of Household. With that, he now ensures his opportunity to compete against either Josh or Christmas in the final round on the finale. If he wins that, it basically ensures that he is going to have a good shot at winning the game. Judging from jury he does have the support already of Matt and Raven, and then also should have at the same time Alex provided that her attitude doesn’t change. We think he probably has Kevin, and that comes close to giving him enough votes. Cody could be the one who gives it to him just because his other option would be Josh, otherwise known as one of the few people he hates more than Paul.

The second part of the final HoH should happen in the coming days. For those wondering we feel as though the Friday show with the retrospective and the champagne celebration was filmed last night. You’ll see that tonight, but we don’t expect anything all that interesting to come out of it.

One other thing that we should note here now is that Josh and Paul are still trying to campaign to keep one another in the game. Josh isn’t buying that, though, and we figure he’ll evict Paul if he does get an opportunity to at the end of the game.

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