Outlander season 3 episode 2 photos: Jamie’s epic beard and Fergus!

Outlander season 3 episode 2 photosWe’re trying to get back on our regular schedule here at CarterMatt with these new Outlander season 3 episode 2 photos. Typically Wednesday will try to be our photo release day, but the later reveal of the show’s premiere ratings (which you can read more about over here) did muck things up slightly when it comes to our article schedule.

Anyhow, the new Outlander season 3 episode 2 photos are here, and there’s some cause for excitement even though two of them have been released before in some capacity. The one above should be rather familiar given that it’s been out there in various iterations — the only real change is that non-readers have more context now as to why Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) is in epic beard territory. After returning to Lallybroch on this past episode, a move that came about only due to his past actions in the second season, Jamie is doing his best to lay low. This is where Caveman Jamie comes from, a man hiding out for years in hopes of himself not being found. Just because he was let go does not exactly mean that nobody else is going to be searching for him. Eventually, he will run into an older version of Lord John Grey (David Berry) — that information is out there already even for non-readers, given that there’s a photo of him transferring Jamie around as a prisoner.

In getting back to the present, though, here you see Jamie doing his best to hone some of his skills. Since you never know quite what the future may hold, isn’t it best to stay vigilant and prepared? A little bit of archery never hurt anyone! Also, there are other possible uses for that beard beyond going incognito. Think of it in terms of warmth whenever it gets cold or possible food storage! (Okay, maybe we’re joking about that one — maybe.)

By the time the Print Shop scene rolls around, at least know that Jamie will be having some sort of collision with a razor.

Outlander season 3 episode 2 photos

As for this second image, this is a photo of young Fergus (Roman Berrux) that we haven’t shared previously. His own history with Jamie is well-documented, so could he end up having a scene or two with him — the geography seems to be the same. However, he also appears to have a shocked reaction on his face — could this be him running into the British at an inopportune time, or is he just seeing Caveman Jamie for the first time?

This is going to be a welcome occasion either way to see Berrux in this role, given that over time we’re going to jump forward and Cesar Domboy will be taking on this role. We’ll miss younger Fergus, even if we are excited for what the future holds.

Outlander season 3 episode 2

The final image we’ve shared here before, and it’s Claire (Caitriona Balfe) holding her daughter Brianna. A little bit of time has passed and mother and baby appear to be happy. Alas, we don’t quite think we can say the same for Claire and Frank, given that the ghosts of the past will continue to haunt them.

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