Danny McBride explains why Vice Principals season 3 isn’t happening (for now)

Vice Principals season 3

As you get prepared to see some more Neal Gamby classroom antics, you should know that there are no Vice Principals season 3 plans. Would we love more of the zany HBO comedy, which is returning this month with new episodes? Absolutely, but the reality there is that a) we don’t always get what we want and b) this was never a show with a plan to stick around for a long time. Series star Danny McBride likes doing things by the beat of his own drum, and from the jump, he wanted this story to have a defined beginning, middle, and end.

Speaking on this subject in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly during their EW: The Show, McBride elaborated on that sentiment a little bit more:

“I think I had been burned by too many TV shows that I invested in, where they started out great, and then, with each season, stuff changed, cast members left, and ultimately, at the end of the day, you don’t know if you saw the completed thing that the original creators had in mind … So we wanted to create a show that finality to it, that had a beginning, middle, and end, and give people a complete story.”

Does that mean for sure that a Vice Principals season 3 is dead? We understand why you may assume that (given McBride’s own comments), but he also noted that he’s not opposed to revisiting the show down the road, citing his love for working alongside Walton Goggins.

Could we envision a Vice Principals season 3?

Some of our CarterMatt reviews for season 2 were a little bit mixed, mostly in that we felt like what the show brought to the table in terms of great comedy it also did when it comes to pure insanity. It went to extremes in almost a split second, and we wondered if things got so intense and out-there that the characters would not be able to snap back to normal. Yet, somehow they did figure that out a number of times, including in the season 1 finale when Neal was almost killed. He’ll somehow find his way back to health during the show’s second season, but when he returns to North Jackson High not everything is going to be precisely how he remembered it. Let’s just say that there are going to be some additional issues that he will need to work through now that Lee Russell (Goggins) has attempted somewhat of a power grab with him gone.

Is Lee the one who tried to murder him? We’ll leave that up to you to decide; for now, we just suggest that you head over to the link here and see one of the first trailers for the upcoming batch of episodes. Things are going to be weird, but they will hopefully also be funny.

Do you want to see a Vice Principals season 3 happen at some point down the road? Be sure to share in the comments below! (Photo: HBO.)

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