Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Paul’s still playing Kevin (day 86, afternoon)

Big Brother 19Even though the Big Brother 19 live eviction show is coming in just a matter of around two hours, it still feels like Kevin’s hung out to dry. We don’t know how this guy has people eating out of the palm of his hand the way that he does, but it’s still happening and there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot that is slowing it down at all.

As of this afternoon, there does still seem to be a part of Kevin seemingly unaware of the fact that he’s going home, thinking that he could be spared but also concerned that he’s getting “backdoored” (technically that’s not a thing, but it’s Kevin so we’ll give him a pass on the terminology here). He vented his concerns to Paul, who feigned ignorance about the fact that he’s almost certainly going to be evicted tonight. From here, Kevin insisted that he would help campaign for Paul in jury.

We love Kevin, but here’s a pro tip: Why would you tell someone when you’re on the block that you’ll help campaign for them to win? that’s almost giving them a further reason to want to get rid of you! There has to be a more even-handed way of doing things than Kevin being blissfully unaware to what Paul is orchestrating behind the scenes against him. He basically even helped Paul count some of his jury votes, and insisted that he take Josh to the end over Christmas if those are his choices. Consider this more validation for Paul that his plan is right.

Do we still think that there’s a way that Paul could completely botch this at the final two and Josh can win? Sure, but the biggest thing that Josh forgot over the game is that people aren’t going to forgot about the erratic behavior, the pots and pans, or the straight-up venom he spewed at people at times. Just because he apologized and said he was worry later doesn’t mean that all is forgiven and everyone moves on to the next thing. Life doesn’t quite work like that, even if Josh seems to think that it does.

Ultimately, we just wonder if anyone’s going to clue Kevin in on what Paul did in the jury house (Alex certainly was in on a lot of the bashing), and if that’s the case, if that could get him to change his mind. We do certainly think Kevin has it in him to be an angry juror in the game, given that he didn’t necessarily enter it as a strategic gamebot who didn’t think about emotional at all.

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