Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Kevin Schlehuber’s last stand (day 86, morning)

Kevin SchlehuberIt’s day 86 in the Big Brother 19 house, and this marks a chance for us to look towards the finish line. Unfortunately, for Kevin Schlehuber he’s not likely making it that far.

The game’s oldest contestant, (and a fantastic TV character from the start of the season) is set to leave the game today pending some shock vote. As of right now Paul has Josh and Kevin on the block, and Christmas is the person with the vote to evict. Given that Paul won the Power of Veto he’s likely going to keep that the same and let Christmas cast the deciding vote. She’s a good person to be the deciding vote, because she’s easy to predict and probably won’t make any big swings to change up the game.

Is Kevin campaigning? Well, we haven’t seen all that much of it and he’s probably just ready to leave at this point. He’s been in that head space for the past few weeks. It’s hard to pinpoint precisely when Kevin’s game started to really go south, but we’d say that losing his close ally Ramses is one of the things that did really hurt him. As that side of the house whittled away, Kevin was forced to pair up with Paul, but he didn’t have as many relationships over on that side and was mostly just stuck doing whatever Paul wanted. If he was caught freelancing, he’d be relentlessly attacked and often for no real reason. For us here at CarterMatt, we found this season to be particularly brutal when it comes to how people treated each other and how dominant the group-think was in terms of dictating game moves. Because of that, he couldn’t really do a lot, and his inability to win competitions couldn’t push him forward. It did make sense for him to throw some of them, but he couldn’t win any when it really mattered. That is his undoing in the game.

Could Kevin still leave with a significant consolation prize this season? Certainly, given that he is likely to be in the top three for AFP alongside Jessica and Cody. The casual voter will probably dictate if he gets it, and he does benefit heavily from being recently a part of the show. We don’t know if we’ll ever see him on the show again, but we definitely enjoyed some of his antics early on the game. It’s unfair to blame him for taking that $25,000 at the start of the season, allowing Paul to enter the game. If he didn’t take that, someone else would’ve done that in his stead.

Is Kevin going to be the guy we personally vote for to win AFP this season? We’re going to be sharing our personal CarterMatt endorsement, (for those curious) over the next day or so.

What is happening in the house?

Not much. Paul last night reflected on his path to the final three and tried to make sure that Josh wanted to take him to the end (which probably won’t happen). He wants to take Josh, but we actually think he’d be better off with Christmas.

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