Arrow season 6 promo: How Oliver’s son changes his future

Oliver's sonThe latest Arrow season 6 promo is as mysterious as they come, with one key exception: Oliver’s son William being at the center of it.

There is a strong logical reason to focus heavily on William in this trailer, mostly in that it feels abundantly clear that he will be a big part of this season. He went through something terrible on Liam Yu alongside his father and mother Samantha … and the fate of Samantha is not entirely clear. If she doesn’t make it off the island alive, Oliver could find himself an instant full-time father, and that may not be a role he is altogether prepared for.

One other problem that could come out of this is one that is as simple as trying to handle the newfound notion of blame. How responsible is Oliver going to feel over what transpired? The fact that his own son looks towards him and labels him “the bad man” says a lot about what he thinks about him. If Samantha dies on the island, why wouldn’t William consider him a villain? Were it not for Oliver she would still be alive, even if he never wanted her to die or end up in that position at all.

If Oliver’s son does in fact end up living with him, the one thing that we ask here at CarterMatt is rather simple: Change Oliver’s priorities. He should be a father first, and then maybe a vigilante or a Mayor second or third. For those of you hoping that he gets in a new romantic relationship, that really should be priority #4 at the moment at best. Someone like Felicity can ultimately take care of herself, so in the event that she does end up surviving what happened at the island, she’s got her own problems that she can deal with.

In general, though, The CW is continuing to do a very good job at keeping almost everything for this season under wraps. We know that Katie Cassidy’s Black Siren will be a series regular, that Dinah Drake finally has an official costume, and that Richard Dragon is going to be one of the Big Bads alongside potentially Cayden James. Beyond all of this, though, the fates of many of the supporting characters remains in limbo. It’s not clear if Diggle, Thea, Felicity, Rene, or Curtis make it off of the island in one piece, and for the sake of creating good drama it would make sense for the show to want to kill someone off. We’re not saying that it would be popular (we certainly don’t believe it would be), but it would be logical sense the whole island went kaboom.

What do you think about this Arrow season 6 promo?

Be sure to sound off with your thoughts in the attached comments! Meanwhile, check out the link here in the event you want to see some news on another huge mystery at the heart of the show: The identity of Vigilante. (Photo: The CW.)

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