Suits season 7 summer finale: Gabriel Macht on Donna, Harvey’s future

Suits season 7 summer finaleWhat’s coming up for Donna and Harvey beyond the Suits season 7 summer finale? there’s obviously a demand for so much more.

While we know that not everyone out there is a Darvey ‘shipper, there are certainly many people that are and will see the kiss in the closing minutes as a complete game-changer for the entire series. However, there is also no guarantee that this is going to actually happen and the two are going to be any more than what they are right now. It’s possible that the kiss actually sends their relationship deep into the nearest ravine and there is no way that the two of them get out of this still even friends. While many fans many have celebrated the kiss, you do have to remember that Harvey is in a relationship with Paula Agard and hasn’t shown, at least this season, the sort of feelings for Donna that she has for him. Maybe they’re underneath, but they would have to be substantial enough to cause him to end the relationship. If he pursues it right away without telling Paula … well, we at CarterMatt can’t ignore the unfaithfulness just because it’s with characters that we like.

Gabriel Macht spoke a little bit more about this will-they-or-won’t-they nature of the relationship to Entertainment Weekly, and in the process how there are different ways in which it could go from here:

“There’s an idea that what happens in that last moment completely throws Harvey off all of his understanding and ideology of his relationship with Donna and in many ways it breaks the relationship and he moves further and deeper into a relationship with Paula. The other way, you know, is that it questions his relationship with Donna in a way where he wants to, I guess, break the news to Paula and say, ‘I’m sorry, but I felt something and I need to see this through with Donna.’ So, I think that’s one of two options that are on the table, and I think you probably have to [talk to] Aaron [Korsh] to see where it’s going to go. Obviously, we want to surprise the audience when we come back for [the rest of] season 7.”

With that latter sentiment in mind, the one thing that we know with some certainty is that the show probably won’t go the expected route when it returns for the remainder of the seventh season. At this point, that’d be far too obvious and probably not anywhere near as interesting for them in the end. Maybe Harvey and Donna do end up together in the end, but before that we’re going to see the two probably go through some more twists and turns. They just can’t ignore her feelings now.

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