Big Brother 19 episode 36 review: Alex Ow evicted; the new HoH

Alex OwTonight, Big Brother 19 got some oft he predictability out of the way by evicting Alex Ow, a player with promise who became a puppet for Paul. Paul did go ahead and throw her a vote, mostly as a means of forcing Josh to cast the tiebreaker vote and get the blood on his hands. Paul’s whole shtick is a little ridiculous, mostly because he really thinks that some of these people won’t figure all of this out in jury and connect the dots.

Anyhow, Paul won the BB Comics themed Veto Competition, which was easily the best part of the episode just because it was so ridiculous. Also, it felt like Paul was so upset about him being called a Potty Mouth that he tried to change things up when it comes to his image. He got emotional in the Diary Room and made it clear that he really cared about Alex and was bummed out about having to make the move to get rid of her.

Ultimately, even Alex seemed to know that Paul forced Josh’s hand and that she was still going to be leaving the game. (Side note: Why did Alex’s speech feel like she was accepting a Grammy? Also, why don’t these people want to say goodbye to everyone? Also, why does Alex think the petty hat is a thing? It’s not a thing.)

Alex’s speech was short and merciful, which is fine since she seemed more interested in waving to people in the audience.

Onto the new HoH

This competition was the only thing of substance, given that everyone knew that Alex would be leaving the game. Well, most of you CarterMatt readers out there should be very familiar with the “what the bleep” guessing game. It’s the same competition that Paul won last year, which makes sense given that he does say a lot of bleeps over the course of a season.

Seeing Paul get emotional over winning the final four HoH was probably genuine, given that he does know he’s in pretty rare air as someone who’s made it to the final three in two straight seasons. You can claim if you want that he was aided significantly by that twist that gave him safety, but he hasn’t had that for a long time now. He’s almost been so good at getting these other people to do his bidding, throwing competitions left and right, that it’s infuriating. He’s just found a way to manipulate people every step of the way.

We were hoping at the end of the show that we were going to get a family video package or something … but it was just Julie banter. This season’s so weird since we’re just buying time until we give Paul the check and then we can all go home.

What did you think about Alex Ow’s eviction, and Big Brother 19 episode 36 as a whole? Be sure to share in the comments below! (Photo: CBS.)

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