This Is Us season 2 premiere synopsis released by NBC

This Is Us season 2 premiere synopsisNBC has released this week the This Is Us season 2 premiere synopsis. Ready for some details? The title is “A Father’s Advice,” and you can take a look at the description below:

“The season two premiere picks up during the Big 3’s 37th birthdays as Randall and Beth debate a big life change, Kate takes the first step in pursuing a new passion and Kevin balances the demands of his career and relationship. Meanwhile, Jack and Rebecca deal with the fallout of their big fight.”

From the sounds of it the premiere is going to set up the rest of the season well. As mentioned above Randall and Beth could be making a big change in their lives. Adoption is a big change and from the sneak peek released previously, it seems as though Beth will be apprehensive toward the idea of raising another child. Basically Beth will be representative of Rebecca when she and Jack were deciding whether or not to adopt Randall and Jack will represent Randall. Because of this, Randall is going to be “the one to push to make the big moves”. This is a great dynamic to explore between Beth and Randall because it allows a deeper look inside their marriage. We’ve them interact but this gives us more of a look at their relationship on a more personal level.

For Kate, CarterMatt suspected that she would begin to dive right into pursuing a career in singing. As mentioned previously, Toby will be supportive of her new life decision but with the new trailer released it appears as though Toby and Kevin will be clashing. This concept allows the writers to explore Kevin and Kate’s twin connection. We know these connections are real and it makes the two of them extremely close so this season will be putting an obstacle in front of Toby that may be one he just has to come to terms with.

As for Kevin, he is going to have the challenge of balancing his new demanding career and his relationship. He already lost Sophie once and if he were to disappoint her again, he probably won’t get another chance. So it will be interesting to see how he will try and organize his life in a way that allows him to have his cake and eat it too. We know he will encounter some obstacles because having the perfect life doesn’t come easy and will involve sacrificing something important.

Finally, our favorite married couple in Jack and Rebecca will be dealing with their heartbreaking separation that lead audiences to shed a tear. It’s great to see that the show isn’t going to skip over the fallout but show us more of what happened. We know these characters deeply love each other and couldn’t live without the other, but they can still hurt each other. Seeing how they will deal with this time apart and how it will affect their marriage going forward is going to be great television and once again make the audience cry.

This Is Us returns this fall to NBC on September 26. For more news related to the seriesbe sure to visit this link. (Photo: NBC.)

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