Big Brother 19 debate: Mapping out final four possibilities

final fourWe don’t have an evening Big Brother 19 live feed update to share, mostly because there was an eviction show that taped tonight instead. (By the way, we don’t believe many of the “rumors” that come out of these things, largely because there are lot of people who like to make fake ones.)

Also, CarterMatt doesn’t really need spoilers for this week to know what happened here. Obviously, Alex was set to be evicted, and we’re likely left now with a final four of Paul, Christmas, Josh, and Kevin. These four all have a chance in theory at the million-dollar prize, but it’s hard to know whether or not anybody is really going to rise to the occasion. They may all be stuck in the sewer, with the exception of Kevin and that’s just because we like him. We’re not the biggest fan of his game these days.

Just for fun, and because we do this every year, let’s map out a few possibilities for the next Head of Household Competition now, shall we?

If Paul wins HoH – He nominates Kevin and a pawn and relies on the other pawn to vote out Kevin.

If Josh wins HoH – He likely nominates Christmas and Kevin, allowing Paul the chance to vote out Kevin. We do wonder if he’ll nominate Paul because he wants to (he’s talked about recognizing his status as a huge threat), but don’t quite think he will have the guts to actually do it. So far, Josh is one of the more all-talk, no-action players this season when it comes to really establishing himself as a huge player.

If Christmas wins HoH – She nominates Josh and Kevin, leaving Paul to evict Kevin. Granted, if Paul started to realize what Josh was up to, we wonder if he would change it up at all.

If Kevin wins HoH – This is where things get interesting. Given that he does perceive Paul as his final two, he’d probably nominate Christmas and Josh, leaving Paul to choose between the two.

In the end, what really matters this week is the Veto since every other scenario, other than Kevin winning, leads to an obvious set of nominations. If Kevin wins the Veto, there’s a chance of something interesting happening. If he loses both comps, then you may as well just prepare for a long final few days as Paul likely prepares to win the season. The only thing to hope for then is that Christmas and Josh get lucky enough and figure out a way to win the crapshoot that is the final Head of Household.

Tomorrow, we’ll have another feature potentially on either the live feeds or likely returning players. Given this season, it’s a little hard to fathom how many of these newbies we’d even want to see again.

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