Suits season 7 summer finale: Is a big-time Darvey moment coming?

DarveyMrs. Carter: If you describe yourself as a Darvey ‘shipper, we at CarterMatt really recommend that you tune into the Suits season 7 summer finale.

For a long time with this show, there’s been a huge will-they-or-won’t-they component to Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna’s (Sarah Rafferty) relationship. They have a lengthy history both personally and professionally, and there is mutual respect there. However, there is also a lot of repression, and the events this season have brought a great deal of those feelings back out into the forefront. For example, when Harvey started to date Paula Agard, Donna started to realize that there was someone else who could fulfill some of the needs that she gave to him, plus also ones completely suited for a romantic partner. It caused her to further assess the link in her mind between her actions towards Harvey and her feelings for him. These are feelings that Paula may also be aware of, based on their interactions.

As if Donna wasn’t already on the cusp of confessing to her feelings in the first place, an experience coming up on the witness stand may accelerate things even more. In speaking on this subject now in an interview with TVLine, Macht details how the new situation with Andy Malick — one where he is intent on coming after Harvey thanks to their contentious past — could end up putting him and Donna in a difficult position:

“The idea that [Andy Malick] would go after Donna and put her on the stand creates this unbalanced version of Harvey, where maybe some truths might come out. The last time that they put Donna on the stand was a mock trial, and it exposed a lot of her feelings. I think that Harvey could potentially be in denial about his feelings for Donna. Maybe he doesn’t think they’re right for each other, but maybe he doesn’t know. Maybe he has not really investigated. Maybe he just has too much on his mind with work and all the other stuff going on. So I think what it does is it, like, pushes a button, and that scares him. So he’s a bit on edge. In some way, he reveals that to Paula, [who] is extremely intuitive and knows that there are feelings. She’s not a dummy. She knows there are feelings between [Harvey and Donna]. She doesn’t know the whole of it, and when it gets to the point where she might learn that knowledge, it might be a colossal challenge for all three of them. We’re in the beginning stages of stuff coming out into the open. The seeds are being planted.”

Maybe this summer finale (fittingly titled “Donna”) is what truly changes things for Darvey; or, maybe this is a stepping stone for some larger things to come. Either way, it seems as though the show is sending these characters down a road that they will not be able to travel back from. Everything could be out in the open, and there’s some excitement that comes with that! However, there may also be a certain degree of fear that a confession could wreck Donna and Harvey’s working relationship to go along with their personal life.

What do you think could be coming for Darvey in the Suits summer finale?

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