Is The Fosters new tonight? Season 5 episode 10 underway & more

Fosters new tonightIs The Fosters new tonight on Freeform? Given that it used to be ten episodes that aired per summer, it’s fair to wonder.

Unfortunately, the following bit of news CarterMatt has for you may not be what you are wanting to hear: There is no new episodes of the show coming to Freeform tonight. As a matter of fact, there is no new episode airing at all until 2018 at the earliest. Season 5 is operating under a shorter episode order (18) than the 20 that we saw for the show in the past, which is why there were only nine episodes this summer.

In the end, the folks behind the scenes at the series thought it best to leave you on the epic cliffhanger that you saw at the end of the summer finale, one where ICE is closing in on Ximena while she tried to find sanctuary within a church. The eerie thing about that finale was that it aired at the same time in which Donald Trump announced through Attorney General Jeff Sessions that DACA was ending in its current form, and he was leaving the job of coming up with new legislation on the lap of Congress; however, were they to not do anything about it, we would see the entire program rescinded and all of the Dreamers left without their American Dream. It’s a tragic situation, and all indicators right now are that the writers are going to take most of their cues from events that are taking place in real life.

Beyond just this story, there are clearly some other important issues that the show does need to address. For example, you have to see what’s going to be coming up next for Brandon given the place that he is in when it comes to Grace. She is secretly battling leukemia and doesn’t want him to know about it … but he does know thanks to her mother. He’s doing his best to care for her, but losing her could be a terrible tragedy and something that causes him to struggle in the immediate future. There’s also another big cliffhanger over with Mariana, as she has to figure out whether or not saving Anchor Beach is worth having contact with one of the most terrifying people in her life: Nick. He reached out to her with an offer to help, but there’s always something that this guy is up to.

Here’s some good news…

The photo via the show’s Twitter page confirms that The Fosters season 5 episode 10 is in production! More than likely, you will see it back come January 2018 (and CarterMatt will be here to bring you more scoop on the show).

What do you want to see on The Fosters season 5 episode 10 when the show comes back?

Let us know in the comments, along with whatever disappointment that you may be feeling that you’re without some of your favorite characters for a stretch of time this summer.

Meanwhile, you can read more about the summer finale for The Fosters, coupled with some of the big story twists of the episode, by heading over to the link here! (Photo: Freeform.)

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