Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Could Kevin really throw final four HoH?

final four HoHAre we officially living in the Big Brother 19 Darkest Timeline, where Kevin could throw the final four HoH? CarterMatt is having a really hard time wrapping our heads around such a ridiculous idea, but based on some current indications there’s actually a pretty good chance that it could happen.

In a conversation with Paul last night, we saw Kevin make it clear to Paul that so long as he is safe, he continues to trust his judgment. Kevin, in his own words, basically told Paul that if it would help to keep him around, he wouldn’t try all that hard to win it. This is a way ultimately for him to ensure that the results of the next HoH are something that he could control, much to the dismay of both us and almost everyone else around there on the internet. There’s nothing that is going to be done to change the outcome of the season at this point unless Kevin finds a way to win either the next HoH or the Veto Competition.

If you want to have a little more hope, then look at things this way: He may have just been telling Paul this in the moment to satisfy him. Kevin has been studying the days hard over the past 24 hours, even though at one point Christmas seemed to come in and distract him specifically for the purpose of doing what she could to ensure that he couldn’t study. We’d love nothing more than to see him win, but it feels a little bit insane on our part to think that Kevin, a guy who hasn’t really done all that much in the way of studying and performing well in competitions this season, is suddenly going to become some savant and have an excellent chance at winning many of different competitions that he’s thrown into.

For now, we’re considering this the beginning of the end for Kevin. The only thing that we think would be interesting is if he actually could win the game if he makes it to the final two against Paul. Based on a number of the exit interviews that we’ve seen at the moment there are a ton of super-bitter people in there towards him, and we wonder if Paul not knowing how to treat people on their way out the door is going to ding him for the second straight season. We hate to use the comparison, but there is somewhat of a Russell Hantz factor in Paul’s game where he is really good at strategy and controlling alliances, but there is very little forethought as to the emotional consequences of some of his moves.

Where is Alex in all of this?

Well, she is going home tonight when the eviction show tapes, and you can read more about her in our update from last night. That’s also where you can read, if you’re specifically excited, more about Christmas’ latest doctor visit. (Photo: CBS.)

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