Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers spotlight: Meet Ali Elliott, Glozell Green’s assistant

Ali ElliottIs Ali Elliott going to be a major player on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers? On paper, we do know that she is one of the more interesting characters on the show. She comes from a unique background, she has an interesting job, and her outlook on the game seems to be about right. We just have to wait and see if she can find the right people to work with or will be labeled as a “celebrity assistant” and not someone cut out for the game … even if she is.

Below, you can see more of our assessment of her as a player in the latest CarterMatt castaway spotlight!

Age – 24.

Location – She grew up in Eastvale, and now lives in Los Angeles.

Bio – As we’ve spelled out in the title, Ali works as an assistant for internet star Glozell Green, and that entails putting together appointments and making sure that her schedule works on time. She also makes meals and a wide array of other things. There’s probably some of this that translates well to the game, since you constantly want to look as though you’re caring for other people and not yourself. That’s one of the ways to people on your side. She went to school in Alabama, she’s fairly athletic, and she thinks that she can get along with a wide array of people.

Past Survivor comparison – She mentions Andrea Boehlke as someone who she’s like as a player, and we can see that to some extent. We’d actually say, though, that she reminds us a little bit more of a Natalie White in terms of how she wants to play the game, under the radar and doing things for other people. If she doesn’t play well, though, she could easily be one of those pre-jury characters who you forget about in a few years.

Strengths – As we mentioned, we like the fact that Ali works in a job that is effectively about making sure life is okay for someone else. Survivor is a game where you want other people to think that you’re selfless, even if you’re not. She also comes across as intelligent, and while we don’t get the sense that she is super game-savvy, she’ll probably pick it up easier than most. She does have a competitive streak and that could end up helping her.

Weaknesses – In her bio on CBS she claims that she has a ton of pet peeves, and that is always a red flag since you don’t want someone who is going to be easily annoyed by people out there. We do think that her social game is off the charts, but her survival game may be in the cellar. It’s going to be a huge adjustment for her being out in the conditions and away from what she considers normal, and if she doesn’t handle that well right away she could have trouble.

Pre-show prediction – Ali is one of those players that could fall into two camps: She’ll either go very early, or make it very far. She’s got some skill for the game, and if she can adjust and make a few allies early she is most likely someone who will be around for a long time. With her, it really is all about getting her feet wet and being ready to jump into the game without hesitation. Her greatest skill will probably be duping people that she doesn’t know what’s going on, and if she can play that, she’s got a good chance to last a while.

How well do you think that Ali Elliott is going to do on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers? Let us know in the comments below!

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