Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Kevin studies; Christmas’ break (day 83, evening)

final threeTonight is Alex’s last night in the Big Brother 19 house, so how is she choosing to spend it? Well, by doing the same thing that most people this season have done: Isolate themselves, read the Bible, and count down the minutes until everything is over and they can go off and have something resembling a good time in the jury house.

Alex is choosing to be fairly separate at this point, but there haven’t been any huge blowups today. From the Veto Ceremony on, it’s been fairly boring and the main subject of conversation is how boring it really is. Everyone is wandering around the house like a zombie, though Kevin was off at one point trying to remember the days and study. He is clearly going to try to win the final four Head of Household, knowing that he’s been on the block a lot lately and that he’s so close to the end of the game. What would be rather amazing is if he is able to do that, and then Josh ends up winning the Veto and has to evict either Christmas or Paul. Actually, in general it’d be amazing television if Josh has a chance to evict Paul since that would probably give him enough respect among the jury to have a good chance of actually winning the game if he makes it to the end.

Beyond Kevin studying and a lot of idle chit-chat, Christmas did leave temporarily for another check-up with the doctor. She is still recovering nicely, but one of the large questions that remains for us is whether or not her being able to come and go creates some resentment among the jurors. We do think that out of everyone remaining she has the smallest chance of winning except for maybe against Kevin. She’s not that popular, she’s not that well-liked, and there may be a perception that she’s already had some success with her fitness career. Although Josh has been a firebrand, a crybaby, and at times a bully, we do think that he has a passion for the game that some find appealing. Kevin versus Christmas would be the roughest showdown just because of the perception that Kevin hasn’t done much — and it’s probably right, which is a bummer to say since we really like the guy. There was a time when it looked like he was going to be a great player this season, but that seemed to dissipate around the time that the other people in the game started to wear on him.

Tomorrow, the feeds will go down for a special eviction show taping. We should have an update before then, provided that there’s at least something of relative substance going on before the feeds happen to go down.

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