NCIS season 15 video: Mark Harmon shares touching story on The Talk

Mark HarmonFor those of you who are NCIS and Mark Harmon fans, Cartermatt has a feeling that you’ll very much enjoy this new story.

After all, the actor made an appearance today on The Talk alongside his new co-star Maria Bello, and while there he took advantage of the opportunity to share a brief story regarding his hero father from World War II. This was a story about how his father was shot down on two different occasions during the war. On one occasion, he ended up keeping a part of the parachute in which he used in his escape, and his grandmother then was able to use some of the material there to make a wedding dress for his mother. It’s a pretty sweet story, and you get to see Bello speak at the tail end as a response to that.

In watching this video, it’s pretty clear why Harmon does want to continue being a part of this franchise; after all, the military is in high regard in his family, and doing this show helps to honor their legacy somewhat. As for Bello, she’s coming on board at a time when there is already a rich history there, but her character of Jackie Sloane may end up forging a close bond with Agent Gibbs. She’s someone who is tough, smart, and has the capability of challenging him here and there. This is something that Gibbs does still need, given that he’s a man who lives by a routine and sometimes, changing up that routine here and there can be a good thing. The first part of it that will change comes courtesy of what happens in the premiere episode — you’re going to see him find his way back to Washington after many months being trapped in Paraguay. This in itself is enough to change a man, so you’ll have a chance to watch all of this play out.

Of course, there is more that came from this appearance beyond this little video enclosed in this CarterMatt article, but this is the only part of it that CBS put out on their social media channels at the moment. Bello isn’t actually going to make her first appearance until you get around to the fourth episode of the season, so this is really just a small taste of what is going to be coming up on the show more so than anything else. What works so effectively about when Bello is joining is that right at that point, things at the NCIS office will probably start to get back to normal. That changes the moment she arrives.

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