More Absentia footage featured in Stana Katic ‘highlight reel’; The Sinner as a motivator

Stana KaticWe know know why we like calling the video below a Stana Katic “highlight reel” — maybe it’s just because there is something fun about being able to frame TV stars from time to time like sporting heroes.

Either way, the final part of the new video below from AXN’s Spanish channel offers you a number of brief clips of Katic in both Castle (which you likely know really well at this point) to go along with AbsentiaThere are a few seconds of footage that you haven’t seen before / we haven’t reported on before at CarterMatt, and we think that this video is a great testament to some of Katic’s versatility as a performer. Oddly, not all of it revolves around Stana given that there is some footage of other upcoming shows such as SWAT and The Good Doctor. Nonetheless, if you love Stana there’s a reason to stop in and enjoy it — probably even more so if you speak Spanish.

Absentia is obviously the new Stana Katic tour de force, and you’ll have a chance to check it out later this month, depending of course on where you are in the world. CarterMatt is eager to start diving into episodes of the show, but more than anything we’re eager to learn when the show’s U.S. home is going to be formally announced. It’s had a home for a while now, but unfortunately we’re in a holding pattern as to when we’re going to find out who it is.

Luckily, we do think that another show may be a nice proof-of-concept that Absentia will be a success in America. We’ll have more on that after the video.

How is The Sinner a factor here?

What does the new USA drama have to do with Absentia? Well, we’re hoping that the show’s American home, whoever that may be, may look at the ratings for the Jessica Biel series with a sense of optimism. The Sinner is a show that has at least a few things in common with Absentia — both shows have a great lead who is known for their other TV work, and each have a central mystery that the characters look to solve over the course of the season. Interestingly, both also have missing time as a component.

The ratings for The Sinner have improved steadily over the course of its run, even to the point we wonder if USA regrets making it a limited series. Luckily, Absentia is not promoted the same way, so in the event that the ratings continue to improve over the course of its run there is a good chance that it could have a season 2. So long as the show gets the same promotional push that The Sinner did, it could be just as strong a hit. In turn, that could mean you’ll be getting to see Stana Katic as Emily Byrne for many more years to come.

For the record, we are reviewing The Sinner here at CarterMatt on a weekly basis, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Through one episode, we can absolutely say the same thing about Absentia. (Photo: AXN.)

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