Scorpion season 4 premiere wishlist: Hopes for Walter, Paige, and more

Scorpion season 4 premiereThe Scorpion season 4 premiere is only a few weeks away as of this writing! Who’s excited? We know that the CarterMatt staff can’t wait! We do think there’s a lot to be hopeful for, given that we’re at a time in the show’s run now where the writers know the characters very well; not only that, but they also know the sort of stories that viewers enjoy. We hope that they’ll take all of this into account and allow for one of the most exciting 22-25 episodes that we’ve had a chance to see to date.

For now, though, we want to keep things relatively specific in this edition of our CarterMatt Premiere Wishlist series. To be specific, we want to answer strictly what could be coming up in this first episode. Take a look at some of our suggestions below as to how to make this one of the most electric starts to a season yet.

1. Have the musical number be delightfully meta – The fact that the show is giving you a musical number at all shows you just how tongue-in-cheek the writers are being. They know that there’s been a demand for this for years with the cast that they have assembled. We’d find some other ways to break the fourth wall and have fun, especially since the idea of this in the first place is breaking the fourth wall.

2. Have Walter and Paige still be awkward – We know you have to move the show forward slightly to show the passage of time, but it would also be a mistake to propel things forward to the extent that the honeymoon phase of the relationship is lost. Take your time when it comes to getting the relationship to the point where it’s 100% natural.

3. What’s Ralph up to? – He is one of the impetuses of the entire series, so we do want to get an update on where he is in terms of his childhood and his life in the episode, as well.

4. Introduce a season-long arc – Whether it be a Big Bad or some sort of long-term mission, we would like there be something that is revisited on a few different occasions throughout the season. Last season, that was largely the Happy/Toby wedding.

5. Start a pattern of more personal storylines – “We do think that one of the biggest flaws with the third season of Scorpion is that in retrospect, there are a lot of storylines and episodes that felt roughly the same: The team goes out on a mission, someone gets in peril, and they overwork conflict in order to resolve things just in the nick of time. We prefer storylines that are a little more personal, such as when the show explored the characters’ worst fears or when we saw more of Walter’s family as he paid tribute to his late sister. We don’t need the stakes to be higher; we almost prefer the show when it’s smaller.”

What do you want to see on the Scorpion season 4 premiere?

Let us know in the CarterMatt comments section! Meanwhile, you can visit the link here in the event you do want to gather up more news about a new addition to Scorpion coming up. (Photo: CBS.)

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