America’s Got Talent rankings: Mandy Harvey, Light Balance in pole position

Mandy HarveyAre you ready for the America’s Got Talent semifinals? Mandy Harvey and more are set to perform, and we’re back with rankings! There are five more finalists to be announced this week, and we’re psyched to dive into who it could be from the field below.

So what are we basing some of our rankings on here at CarterMatt? Think a wide array of factors, from performance quality to past voting history to even the success of similar acts in the past! Take a look below, and be sure to pick your favorite in the polls.

11. Pompeyo Family Dogs – They didn’t make it through in the quarterfinals, and weren’t even up for the Dunkin’ Save. We actually thought their last performance was really good, so we don’t know what they could do now that is any different.

10. Christian Guardino – A good singer, but he’s performing on the same night as many other good singers and advanced this far based on a Save. We’re not sure he will be as fortunate this time around.

9. Colin Cloud – We personally would have him higher, but his last performance was polarizing and he needed the same to advance. He needs to find a way to keep the wow factor of the act while simplifying things ever so slightly. We’re pulling for him!

8. In the Stairwell – The story is great, and it makes sense to want to give all sorts of love and support to members of the military. Yet, we’re concerned about the harmonies and the tightness of the vocals. We’ve always felt that there are better vocal groups on the show and they need to step up their performance.

7. Celine Tam – Will the two young female singers cancel each other out? This is the first time that we’ve ever had a chance to see them up directly against each other. We do think one of them will make the finale, and right now we’d say that we feel Angelica channels the emotion of her performances a little better.

6. Merrick Hanna – We like Merrick a lot, but this is a huge test for him because there could be a perception that most of his style is similar from one performance to the next. How is he going to stand out here?

5. Angelica Hale – There’s a small chance that all of the young singers miss out on the finale, but we doubt it. Angelica’s very good vocally, but more than that she does find a way to bring you into her world — pretty remarkable, given her age and life experience.

4. Diavolo – One of the most electric groups of its kind. This is a full-on Las Vegas show that really just needs the staging and the budget. We don’t think they’ll win, but we also don’t think they need to in order to have a future.

3. Kechi – A great story, a great voice, and a style that is uniquely her own. As a singer on this show you want to have the right mixture of vulnerability and talent, and we do think that she has both. We’d be shocked if she does not make the finale.

2. Light Balance – The dance group advanced last time without America even seeing a live performance from them! With that, we have to think that they’ll get even more love this time. They’re also carrying the torch for variety acts thanks to being the only non-singing act to get a Golden Buzzer.

1. Mandy Harvey – As of right now, we project the singer to finish #2 this season behind Darci Lynne. Like with Kechi, she’s got precisely what you look for from a singer. She also sings original music, and that helps her to stand out even more.

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