Chicago PD season 5 promo: Nick Gehlfuss appearing

Nick GehlfussThe first Chicago PD season 5 promo aired on NBC during last night’s Sunday Night Football broadcast, and CarterMatt has a feeling that it likely satisfied many of you out there. After all, it gave you not only a sense of what the dramatic story would be, but also a taste of a minor Chicago Med crossover: Nick Gehlfuss will be appearing during the premiere episode as Dr. Will Halstead.

So why are we going to see Will on the episode? Well, it looks like he’ll be there as a source of emotional support for his brother Jay Halstead, who is accused of shooting a young girl on accident. He insists that he didn’t do it, but the eye of almost all of Chicago is going to be on him as a result of what happened. This is a guy who will need a tremendous about of emotional support for many different reasons, with one of the major ones beyond this being that Erin Lindsay is gone. Jay was thinking about proposing to Erin before her departure — they weren’t together at the time, but they did still have such a history that it was in fact something that was on his mind.

Does CarterMatt think that Jay will get plenty of support from everyone else in Intelligence? It definitely seems so, given that they’ve shown time and time again that they are a supportive, caring bunch of people even if they can get rather tough out in the field. The big new (permanent) edition there is going to be Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton, who will be partnered up with Jay now that she is a full-time part of the team. (She first turned up at the end of last season as a fill-in for Burgess while she was away.)

Oh, and there is one other important bit of news to break down here from the Chicago PD promo: Wendell Pierce will be joining Nick Gehlfuss as one of the guest stars. He looks to be a powerful man entrenched in the community, and with that, someone who the PD are going to be hearing from at various points in the episode. We’d love to see Pierce pop in throughout the season, especially since he’s shown on Suits just how great he can be in some of these recurring roles.

For those of you wondering about Will Halstead’s personal life and if there could be some update there, we doubt it. Our feeling is that NBC will keep most Chicago Med cliffhangers under wraps until whenever it is that this show returns.

What do you think about Nick Gehlfuss being in the Chicago PD season 5 premiere, and do you think that Jay will get through what he’s going to have to deal with here? Share below!

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