Insecure season 2 finale: Should Lawrence return in season 3?

Insecure season 2 finaleHBO aired the Insecure season 2 finale on Sunday night, and with that closed the door on another chapter in these characters’ lives. Was it as hilarious a season as the first go-around? CarterMatt would argue not so much. It was more emotional and character-based, and relied more on the connections that you’ve already made with some of these people as a means to drive forward the story.

Also, the more serious nature of the show made sense given that you were dealing with heartbreak, loss, insecurity, and other issues. You clearly saw Molly wrestling with some of these emotions in the finale when it comes to her love life and sense of value; it was her being disrespected with the work offer that seemed to cause her to slip. For Issa, she found herself back knocking on Daniel’s door after seeing some of the hopes and dreams that she had with Lawrence start to slip away. The montage of Lawrence’s proposal, the wedding, and the imaginary baby was all in her head, and you saw those memories wash through her mind before evaporating into thin air. Lawrence didn’t make that move after he saw her in the closing minutes. With that in mind, the character seems to be done on the show … or is he?

After Lawrence left Issa’s soon-to-be old place (she couldn’t handle the rent increase) we did see an ever-so-small olive branch made on social media. This little move, while nothing substantial, may be enough to suggest that these characters do still have some sort of future together. They’ve been through a tremendous amount, but they’ve also still got love for each other. Jay Ellis is a great performer and one of the show’s best; one way or another, we have to think that he will be back.

The Insecure season 2 finale was effective in demonstrating where Issa and Lawrence are in their lives, but format-wise it was also interesting to see how these two plus Molly all each handled and approached thirty days in their lives. In that period of time, you would hope that the three would’ve been able to figure things out for themselves and started down the path to a better future. However, we now think that they’re all worse off than when they started. The show didn’t craft an enormous cliffhanger for anyone, but such is life. There are little feelings that linger and questions as to whether or not certain characters made the right or wrong choice. We hope that the third season does build on some of what happened in the finale, but also that the show builds a little more of the first season’s awkward charm back into the mix. With a greater emphasis on sex and relationships, season 2 felt more as though it was falling more into HBO molds rather than having all of the same magic that it did the first time around. This is just a petty complaint, mind you — Insecure still remains one of the best comedies on television, and Issa Rae is a revelation both as a writer and performer.

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