Tom Hanks, James Corden Carpool Karaoke, Miss America 2018 questions

Miss TexasDid you see Tom Hanks and James Corden’s school bus version of Carpool Karaoke? In the middle of the special XQ Super School Live on Friday night the viewers got to see the two talented stars in a school bus belting out Kim Wilde’s Kids in America. Driving around, it is Hanks who picks up Corden and they start singing. Further along in the act, the bus is full of singing kids too.

The segment was cute (check out the video – you can actually see the segment at the 2 hour mark) and definitely a show stopper. I don’t know why, but many fans of Carpool Karaoke missed this. Maybe it was because the program wasn’t as much entertainment as it was educational.

Also, seeing is believing when it comes to watching Tom Hanks drive a bus with a reflective blue vest. It’s hilarious.

Carpool Karaoke is a staple of The Late Late Show with James Cordenbut it has also evolved to being its own Apple Music series.

Miss America 2018: Please answer the question

The Miss America questions again this year had viewers raising their eyebrows. As fans from around the country cheered on their favorite competitor, TVs were turned up when it came to answering those pesky questions. In past pageants, the answer could make or break a competitor. This year Miss Texas got a gold star with her response on Charlottesville and fans from around the country were screaming “You go girl.” The questions are the most stressful part of the competition. The ladies answer the questions live and it’s part of the overall score which makes it exciting for the viewers to watch!

Hurricane Irma weather reporting: Standing in the wind and rain

The weather stations, the cable news networks and even the local news channels offered a live look at Hurricane Irma’s impact on Florida over the weekend. As viewers watched the storm flood streets, blow over cranes and cause chaos, the raging debate of why news people were reporting in the middle of the weather was debated online.

Television offers such an amazing element when disseminating information. Millions of people can learn details about a storm to avoid catastrophe. That wasn’t possible a hundred years ago and it’s safe to say TV reporting on weather conditions saves lives.

The competitive ratings are another story. The fancy showmanship in raincoats seems to be wheeling out of control right now. Reporters, anchors and meteorologists were reporting live in the middle of the elements over the weekend. Thankfully nobody has been injured…yet. The worst part for the journalists may be looking into the camera while they do their job. They would never see debris coming. This needs to change before someone gets hurt.

The networks need to hire a debris lookout person and let the viewers know someone is keeping an eye on the safety of the crew. It would make the segments less stressful for the viewers watching. At one point I had to shut off the coverage as I was on pins and needles with all the wind, rain and fast moving items in the shot. We’re still sending all of our best wishes to those in Florida. (Photo: ABC.)

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