Teen Wolf season 6 episode 17 review: How was Jackson, Ethan’s return?

Teen Wolf season 6 episode 17Teen Wolf season 6 episode 17 started things off with rather hefty ambitions given the cliffhanger. Did it live up to the hype?

Well, when it comes to bringing to the table an intense, crazy episode, this story delivered. Remember when Tamora started off the second half this season as a guidance counselor? Well, now she’s taking over police stations as the proxy for Gerard, who is still in the process of spreading his unique brand of hate through the town. He started off here with an agenda of destroying the supernatural world, and he is inching ever closer to those goals with every passing moment.

Here’s the good news: Scott did have some reinforcements during the episode in the arrival of Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver as Jackson and Ethan! Their return was fun, though we do wish that we could’ve got even more of the two of them in this episode than what we ultimately did. (What did we learn? Beyond the two parties being in a romantic relationship, there is also a little something known as Jackson having some more supernatural abilities than he once did.) The two made it back from London after being threatened, and after making it back to Beacon Hills that found themselves tormented by Tamora. Commence your booing at Tamora right away.

Also, Peter returned tonight thanks in part to Malia convincing him, though there were some arguments elsewhere about whether or not it was about Gerard threatening to blow up his car.

For much of the rest of the episode, we saw things get pretty gross courtesy of a mass wandering through the woods in order to find something resembling answers. We’re talking bodies in the woods, and a mass search for a werewolf to stop one of the more mysterious threats that is out there. It feeds on fear. Yet, for now, the characters have made it through that. They made it through Gerard Argent, though it’s very clear that he is still out there. Gabe was revealed tonight to be the leader in shooting up the house at the end of last episode, which suggests that Gerard has no problem sending off other people to do his bidding.

Our overall take

Teen Wolf is at its best when you are seeing significant movement in the story over filler episodes. Luckily, we are so late in the show’s run at this point that there really is not any room left for there to be filler episodes! The rest of the season is going to just be all meaty stuff all the time. The return of so many characters in this episode was great, but the biggest flaw we’d say was in this story was that there was just TOO much going on and the show tried to cram a ton of mythology in here alongside character returns and more. The show would’ve been better off just focusing on a few elements — take, for example, the Hellhound story. Do we really need some more explanation on Lydia’s connections to them? Grade: B.

What is coming up on Teen Wolf season 6 episode 18?

There are only three episodes left this season, and the link here gives you more of a sense than ever before as to what’s ahead. Thanks for checking out this CarterMatt review, and we’ll have some more scoop before long. (Photo: MTV.)

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