Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Alex dupes herself (day 82)

nominationsWho would’ve thought that Big Brother 19 would finally start to get interesting again at around day 82? It’s crazy and bizarre, but also true thanks mostly to the newfound conflicts that are starting to form now that we’re close to the end of the game.

Ultimately, a whole lot of it stems from Josh, otherwise known as the Josh who cried wolf. He’s done so many annoying things to people throughout the game that he doesn’t have any social capital with people like Alex. If he was the player at the start of the season that he is now, there’s a chance that things could be different for him. Alas, they are not.

Josh has the capacity to flip Alex’s understanding of the game upside down in how he can expose Paul to her as someone who’s been playing her. He’s worked to have much of the glory and be the one to let her down; basically, he’s manipulated her like nobody’s business. Yet, because he’s the one who told her the truth about not using the Veto earlier today, Josh is getting the brunt of her anger today. He’s tried on multiple occasions to have a conversation with her, and she’s been very quick to cut it off both times. Josh is trying to help her, and she doesn’t want that help. He’s even briefly debated trying to find a way to flip things just to spite Paul, though we definitely don’t think that he would be able to make that happen.

Seeing Alex shut down conversations with Josh is ridiculous, but it should just serve as a reminder that she’s really not a good player, or at least not as good of one as she probably thinks that she is. Paul was the one controlling her game much of the time, she had a rivalry with Jessica based on pettiness, she lacks self-awareness about how other people see her, and she allowed herself to not make moves in the interest of her and Jason. Her best skill was that she and Jason were both good at competitions and that kept her safe for a while. The funny thing is that even if Josh went and passed along some information on Paul, she probably still wouldn’t believe it and would go and parrot it back to Paul. In the eyes of her and some other people, he is a man who can seemingly do no wrong. It’s frustrating, but that’s just the way that the game this season is working.

Did you miss the Paul / Alex conversation from earlier?

If you want to head over to the link here, you can see some assorted highlights on that subject. Maybe we’ll be back with another update from the feeds here at CarterMatt later, largely because the feeds are picking up steam and getting somewhat interesting. Josh, Christmas, and Paul are all arguing in a way that they really haven’t for much of the season, mostly because Josh is getting stuck in a role that he’s frustrated with.

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