Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Paul tells Alex the truth (day 82, afternoon)

Big Brother 19We knew that this was going to be coming eventually. However, we didn’t quite think that it would be so soon: Paul making it clear to Alex that her time in Big Brother 19 will be coming to an end sooner rather than later. Paul had this conversation with her on Sunday afternoon, though he did it in a way that was fairly non-confrontational and as though there was still some doubt in the decision.

What Paul said to Alex was that his move wasn’t necessarily premeditated; yet, at the same time he still wanted to ensure that he had the best chance possible to win. If he was to save Alex with the Veto, he would lose the jury votes of several other people in the game — and he claimed that he already had lost some others in the house. The key argument that Paul made was that he wouldn’t be able to beat her, and he doesn’t want to make it to the end of the game only to get second place again.

This was probably as good of a conversation as Paul could’ve had with her, given that he did what Alex wanted (not blindsiding her) while also making sure that she knew that the reason was strictly game-related and not personal. Sure, Alex is angry and feels stupid for making some of the moves in the game that she did, but she mostly has nobody to blame for that but herself. She should’ve always trusted Jason more than Paul or anyone else, and hitching herself to Paul is one of the things that really doomed her game in terms of her ability to win. She always held him with a whole lot more regard than he had for her.

Now, there is one thing that could change things up at the moment, and that is if Josh goes and spills the metaphorical tea to Alex about what really happened with Paul planning all of this out. If he can make her believe that she’s been played this whole time, that may turn her against him on the jury (which could help him if he makes it to the end). However, Josh also runs the risk of Paul finding out about this talk, which in turn could mean Paul wanting to target him more at the final four. This game is complicated, but if things go the way that they are right now the only thing that may stop Paul from winning is him losing the final three Head of Household and someone not taking him to the end.

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