Why isn’t Jonathan Scott on Dancing with the Stars with brother Drew?

Drew Scott / Jonathan Scott / Emma SlaterWhy didn’t Jonathan Scott go on Dancing with the Stars this season alongside his brother Drew? The two guys are the marquee stars of Property Brothers, and it does obviously make sense to throw both of them into the ballroom at the same time and have them go head-to-head.

As it turns out, ABC did very much want to have Jonathan there, but one of the problems with that is that he’s got a lot of different things going on all at the same time with his construction work. This is a huge part of Property Brothers, but that show still doesn’t properly demonstrate just how much work goes into it all of the time. Here’s what Jonathan had to say to be specific to Entertainment Weekly:

“We’re very different, I’m much more relaxed and I feel like I’ve got a little bit of a natural rhythm … If I didn’t have 17 construction projects on the go right now that I can’t step away from, I would be there. They wanted us both to do it — they wanted Drew and I to go head-to-head.”

Jonathan did also say that he’s willing to play a pretty-funny prank on the judges and the show at some point by stepping into his brother’s dancing shoes:

“We may have discussed that if Drew gets injured, we just swap costumes, I step in and win the whole thing for him. I wonder if the judges would even notice — we should try it! Not even for the real competition, we should see if I walked out in the costume if the judges could even tell the difference.”

This would be hilarious, and we do think that it would more than make up for Drew not actually being a part of the show this season.

How will Drew fare in the ballroom?

By and large, we do think that he is well-equipped to do well. he’s got a ton of people behind him already, and we say that knowing that Property Brothers is one of those shows that plays perfectly into the core Dancing with the Stars demographic. It’s not political, not over-the-top, and merely features two guys trying to help new homeowners have one of the best lives for themselves possible. He’s athletic enough to handle some of the moves, and he’s paired with someone in Emma Slater who just won the show.

Would we labor him a favorite to win? Not exactly, especially since as a tall guy that can make things even more challenging for him. Yet, he is very much a contestant worth watching throughout season 25 and we’re very curious to see how he fares. He’s one of the big fish-out-of-water contestants this season amidst the field.

Do you think that Jonathan Scott would’ve fared well?

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