MacGyver season 2, Hawaii Five-0 season 8 promo highlights new footage

MacGyver season 2There is a new MacGyver season 2 and Hawaii Five-0 season 8 combo promo circulating online, and it gives you a sense of what’s coming up on both shows! While the footage may not be altogether revealing, you do get a sense of some of the palpable danger that is going to be present for all of our various heroes.

Let’s begin first with MacGyver season 2, given the show explicitly even mentions the show’s episode title in the commercial: “DIY or DIE.” Mac and Jack are going to find themselves on another dangerous mission, one where much of what they rely on is stripped away and they are forced to mostly lean on each other … and of course limited resources that the team can use in order to make something exciting/explosive. The one thing that does seem different? George Eads has a haircut! There are probably some other surprises that the show has in store, but you’ll have to watch the premiere to find out. The thing that is most important here is that everything suggests that this episode will be a good time and action-packed. Basically, it’s exactly what you’re watching MacGyver for.

Meanwhile, Hawaii Five-0 (in this promo) teases a situation brought on by hacker Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence), one that could have fiery consequences in the end. Consider this yet another reminder that this is a show that doesn’t slow down even for a second when it comes to putting characters in near-death situations. It was only in this past finale where we learned about McGarrett and his radiation poisoning; now, there’s another dangerous situation unfolding for him! This episode will also feature the debut appearance of Meagan Rath as Tani Rey, though she is not the focus of the promo here. Odds are, we’ll learn more about her as this episode gets closer to airing. Given that she was already thrown out of the Police Academy, we’ve got a good feeling that she is a rule-breaker. This is seemingly a key component of being a part of the Task Force these days, so odds are she’ll fit in rather nicely.

For those wondering, there could be another crossover between the two shows this season, so it does make some sense for CBS to promote them in tandem. They share a showrunner in Peter Lenkov, and are relatively similar in tone. If you enjoy watching one of them, odds are you’ll also enjoy watching the other. There’s more than a couple of weeks before the new season premieres to catch up if you’re behind … though you probably would have to watch fast given that a LOT has transpired on each one of these programs.

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