The Blacklist season 5 promo: Could the Task Force help Reddington rebuild?

The Blacklist season 5 promoWe have a new The Blacklist season 5 promo below courtesy of Canadian broadcaster City, and it just so happens to be a great one! In terms of giving you real footage for what the premiere episode is going to be later this month, this one succeeds.

Before we get too far into that, think back for a moment to what happened during The Blacklist season 4 finale. Mr. Kaplan (seemingly) died, but before doing that managed to singlehandedly destroy much of the empire that James Spader’s Raymond Reddington built over the past several decades. While he may have a tighter relationship than ever before with his apparent daughter Liz Keen, there is another problem: What use does he now have? What is he going to do for money now? He’s completely lost much of his identity, and technically things still could get worse depending on whatever is in Tom Keen’s suitcase.

Well, the Blacklist season 5 promo below does give you a sense that Reddington does want to get back in the game with so much of what he does so well, which includes finding dangerous criminals and working to put them away. Like many other crime-solving shows out there, he possesses a unique skill that makes him valuable to law enforcement. Unlike many of those shows, Reddington’s skill is primarily that he is a criminal himself. He understands more of how they work just because he was one of them for so many years. When you have a criminal mind, it almost goes without saying that you do have more of an innate understand of the criminal mind and how it works. You’ll have a chance to see some of that play out once more this season, depending of course on what the FBI Task Force decides to do and however closely they want to utilize Reddington and the unique set of skills that he brings to the table.

The best line in this entire promo has to be the one where Reddington compares himself to deep-fried butter, saying that he’s irresistible even if at the same time he is completely unhealthy. That is perfectly apt, given that the FBI may need him if they want to do what they can in order to put bad people away. Yet, at the same time they probably wish that they didn’t have to use him given that, by and large, he is a source of such tremendous trouble for them. He’s a perpetual thorn in their side, and obviously having to handle having someone like him around is not going to be an easy thing to tolerate. Hopefully, he will prove his worth one way or another to the team — he always did in the past, but the difference was that they were far more at his mercy then than they are now.

What do you think about this The Blacklist season 5 promo?

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