Lucifer season 3 spoilers: All about an identity crisis

Lucifer season 3Who is Lucifer Morningstar really? That’s one of the questions that could be asked moving into Lucifer season 3, and it’s a fitting one given the cliffhanger. You don’t end the season with the character sporting wings without starting to wonder a little more in terms of how it happened — and also what this could mean for the character after the fact. He needs to know who he is in order to understand how he feels about himself; the wings throw a wrench into his self-worth and how he feels and interprets things around him. It’s a strange sentiment for a character meant to ooze so much confidence, but that is a key component in what makes this season so interesting.

In discussing this subject even more in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer Joe Henderson passed along the following message:

 “Our big theme is identity and the wings really tie into that … Am I an angel? Am I the devil? And if someone put these wings on my back, I don’t like it when people tell me who I want to be, so I’m going to figure out who did this.”

We don’t imagine that this is a mystery that is going to be resolved forever, and nor do we want it to be. with a character Lucifer, it makes so much more sense that you spend some time trying to see him discover and find himself. You want that, given that this challenges and can potentially shape so many of the relationships around him. There are interesting things that could come from this when it comes to things between him and Chloe, especially when you consider the arrival of Tom Welling as Marcus Pierce, someone who could challenge him to be more proactive when it comes to how he feels about Chloe and telling her the truth.

Still, the struggle of Lucifer and his feelings goes beyond just Chloe and whatever she may feel towards him. This is more about him getting more of a greater sense of self, and we hope that the series does a great job of exploring that more as we move along into the story that is coming up.

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