TV’s impact on Hurricane Irma, Celebrity Big Brother USA wishlists

Big Brother USA

The Fall television premiere season isn’t in full swing yet, but that might be a good thing. On Friday night the TV viewers of the world might have the tube on, but it’s not because of the new programing. The big story right now is the weather.

Hurricane Irma is slated to hit the USA with serious impact. Fifty years ago when a hurricane hit America, there wasn’t much public warning. The weather technology was still developing and ways to get the word out was limited. Today, with Hurricane Irma making Florida landfall people are turning on the TV to get information. Programs give up to the minute details and hopefully it will save lives. It doesn’t matter where you are watching from: in your living room, on your phone or at work.

Talking about TV and weather, I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone that the Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief telethon is coming up. There are the victims from Hurricane Harvey, the impending disaster from Hurricane Irma, and two more hurricanes just waiting to touch land right behind. It’s important to give if you can, help if you will and say a prayer for those in need, if you feel so compelled to do so.

While I’m ready to watch a new episode of NCIS or get involved with This Is Us, I am glad the TV is currently being used to disseminate information to help those folks who need it most. Which leaves the rest of us watching the hurricanes and screaming at the TV for Hurricane Irma to avoid any further landfall.

Celebrity Big Brother USA: Who doesn’t have a wishlist?

If you love Big Brother then the announcement of Celebrity Big Brother had you squealing for joy (yeah, it could be heard in Hollywood). While I’m happy to see celebs in the house too, I admit I am the last person on earth who has a wishlist.

Why? As a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars (religiously following since the beginning) I made a rookie mistake that pierced my heart. I have never recovered. I took to writing a wishlist of DWTS celebrities that would be perfect for the show. I did this for 10 seasons straight. I never got ONE celebrity right. Disappointment loomed at the beginning of every season. Looking back only a few of the celebrities I picked made it to the ballroom. Plus I really don’t know why I thought David Hasselhoff was such a good choice for the show…he wasn’t.

My point? The thrill of finding out who the producers pick for Celebrity Big Brother might be the most exciting beginning of this new adventure. Plus, we all know that there are dozens of Los Angeles based celebrities who have expressed interest in being on the UK show. If they only need to drive to Studio City to be part of one of the biggest reality shows set for winter TV, it’s going to be packed with big stars.

If you have seen a few of the fan’s wishlists being circulating around the web, let’s be honest, it’s possible many celebrities could be part of Big Brother. If anyone should be worried, it’s Dancing With the Stars producers as this is a big shift in the celebrity world. Now famous contestants have the option to forego grueling rehearsals and live performances to be part of a beloved CBS show. The idea of less work, plenty of camera time and a nice pool in the backyard an easy decision for anyone looking for a career comeback!

(If you do want to see a Celebrity Big Brother wishlist, we do have one up on the site over here.)


My heart goes out to anyone who is dealing with Hurricane Irma. Stay safe and do as needed. We want to see everyone accounted for when the official fall TV premiere shows start in a few weeks.

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