The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 2 spoilers: Regina King returns!

The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 2Even though The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 2 may not air on CBS until Monday, October 2, we’re already getting the sense that it will be fun! After all, this episode will mark an opportunity to see the return of Regina King to the show for the first time in the past couple of years! Mrs. Davis is a fun character on the show, especially since she excels at keeping the guys in line. The majority of the time the target of her ire is Sheldon (as it is for many people), but on this episode (entitled “The Retraction Reaction”), we’re going to be seeing her more in direct contact with Leonard.

What’s the reasoning for that? We do think that the synopsis for the episode does a good job helping to explain that:

“Leonard angers the university – and the entire physics community – after he gives an embarrassing interview. Also, Amy and Bernadette bond over having to hide their success from Sheldon and Howard, Monday, Oct. 2 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Ira Flatow returns to guest star as himself, and Regina King returns as Mrs. Davis.”

This episode is going to feature the return of NPR’s Ira Flatow, which is great just from the vantage point of the show trying to expand its universe into people who are associated with the science world in real life. Beyond just that, we also very much appreciate that we’re getting to see a story that feels like it would happen in real life. If there’s one thing that we do know about the science world, it’s that social awkwardness exists with many in the field. Sooner or later, it would make sense for someone to do something to mess things up, and Mrs. Davis would have to step in as clean up crew. Of course, it’s a nice change that the person involved would actually Leonard instead of Sheldon this time.

So what about the possible Sheldon – Amy engagement? It was obviously some smart thinking on the part of CBS here to not mention that at all in the synopsis, given the fact that they were releasing this so far in advance from the premiere. They’re not going to spoil something like that since there are probably going to be some major ramifications that will play a part in the remainder of the season. The same goes for a big premiere event for Howard and Bernadette, something that we can’t say too much about other than the fact that it is a “big premiere event.” You can read a little bit more about the premiere episode, (if you are so inclined) by heading over to the CarterMatt link here.

What do you want to see on The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 2? Be sure to share in the comments below! (Photo: CBS.)

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