Once Upon a Time season 7 spoilers: Meet the new Rapunzel!

RapunzelIt probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that Once Upon a Time season 7 would want to take on a Rapunzel story. After all, they’ve done so previously, but like with Cinderella she was such a minor character that very few people wouldn’t mind seeing a different person come through in the role.

Today, we’ve been lucky enough to find out who the actress is that will be taking on this character. According to TVLine, Meegan Warner of Turn: Washington’s Spies fame will be appearing on the ABC fantasy show in the role. This version of Rapunzel will find herself (fittingly) trapped in a tower, where she will do almost anything that she can in order to stop the sorceress responsible for trapping her there in the first place. She’s going to be determined, and she’d have to be given what she’s up against.

For the record, Alexandra Metz played the previous Rapunzel on the show, and she was on Once Upon a Time back during season 3. Her story was brief, so in the event that you don’t remember the character all that well, don’t give yourself too hard of a time over it.

This new Rapunzel comes on board after it was already made clear that this show will feature new versions of Cinderella, plus her wicked stepsisters, and then also Alice of Alice in Wonderland fame. We feel like it’s almost a sure thing that more changes will be coming, and then there’s also the chance that we get to see some first-time characters such as Moana. There’s no guarantee on that, but we know that she’s someone viewers have been clamoring for ever since the movie came out! She could also be a nice ratings boost to the show much like Anna and Elsa were when they first turned up on the show. We still feel like the Frozen arc is the strangest one in the history of the show — it spanned out a good half of a season and nobody among the key cast of characters ever references that it ever happened.

So why are we seeing repeats? Much of it is due to Henry, who since the end of season 6 started to travel to other worlds in the fairy-tale universe to try and resolve stories there. Many of these worlds have their own versions of these beloved characters, and it almost feels a little similar to the multiverse on Arrow and The Flash. This should be fun, provided that we get to see some imaginative writing and Warner gets to showcase some of the Rapunzel that we saw in Tangled, one of the best iterations of the character that we’ve seen.

What do you think? Is this Rapunzel the right person to “let down her hair”? Be sure to share now in the attached comments!

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