Big Brother 19 episode 34 review: Live Double Eviction updates!

double evictionThe live Double Eviction show is coming your way on Big Brother 19 tonight, and we anticipate this one being all sorts of fun. Why? It’s one of the few times all summer where there is the potential for things to go wrong — that doesn’t mean it will, but we’re desperate since this season has been painfully predictable with Paul leading his flock to the slaughter.

Our favorite part of the show tonight was the Big Brother narrator proclaiming that we’d get a full week of gameplay in an hour — yet, for most of this season you’re lucky to get an hour’s worth of gameplay in a full week.

Before the Double Eviction part of the show began, we admit that we were a little amped to see Alex and Jason get blindsided. It’s not because we’re that happy to root for Paul, but we just want to see Alex get owned on live TV after all the smack that she’s talked. Blindsides are fun!

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee we’re getting that, given the fact that Josh talked about telling Jason in advance that he was going home.

First Eviction – Thankfully, nobody ruined this in advance and we got a glorious eviction. Jason stormed out of there without hugging anyone, only to then learn that Alex didn’t turn on him. He was bitter, cranky, and angry about getting played even though he just stabbed Matt in the back himself. The best part of this was Josh giving the credit to Paul for the move in his goodbye message, while Paul (likely fearing a buyback) wouldn’t even tell Jason that he was responsible for it. Microcosm for this season.

Head of Household Competition – This is hilarious. Alex won, which meant that she could have changed the game dramatically. Instead she nominated Kevin and Raven. Basically, she decided to, (once more) go ahead and play Paul’s game.

Power of Veto – This competition could’ve went on a long time, since it was all about being able to drop some “limes” into various cylinders. At one point we actually thought that Raven was going to fall over the railing. She didn’t, and she didn’t win the Veto, either. Josh did!

Yet, he kept nominations the same. We knew that Josh wasn’t going to do anything … so of course we weren’t surprised by this in the slightest.

Second Eviction – In a 2-1 vote, Raven went home! We were surprised that Josh decided to be the hinky vote here, but that happened. Basically, Raven was evicted and there was much rejoicing in the Big Brother fandom (even though we thought she was everyone’s choice to bring to the end since everyone could beat her without issue). This was an incredibly delusional interview where she seemed so confident that she played the game and really didn’t. The only thing stranger than this interview was Raven sobbing in the house, and then immediately doing a cartwheel and smiling the moment that she saw people. Raven’s game in a nutshell, folks!

Ultimately, we’ll see what happens later tonight with the next HoH Competition, but this was a surprisingly fun night given the players left.

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