Zoo season 3 episode 11 review: Who died, and was Clementine’s baby born?

Zoo season 3 episode 11Zoo season 3 episode 11 was a story of survival almost like no other, but it was also a story of hope. Even though so much of this episode existed under the specter of hybrid attacks, Abigail Westbrook almost killing everyone, and near-constant violence, this episode ended with the arrival of a healthy baby. There was also another question, as well: Whether or not this baby boy could be responsible for saving the fertility of the entire human race?

Unfortunately, the arrival of Clementine’s baby also caused us to become incredibly paranoid that the Zoo writers were going to take someone else from us. At one point, it looked like we were going to see the end of Max … and then it happened. As if losing Max (who was quite the hero in this episode after he managed to get the power on) was not enough, it also had to happened while he was holding the baby in his arms. Consider that your heartbreaking image from this week.

It’d be easy to dwell on losing Max (mostly because he was such an interesting character!), but we are going to try to move on. After Mitch, Jackson, and Abraham found themselves still very much alive and breathing, they still chose to separate someone else from the group: Jamie. Every action comes with consequences, and clearly keeping Mitch “alive” as Mr. Duncan was a bridge too far for much of the crew. Everyone started to have some serious trust issues with her due to her tendency to go rogue, and she was left locked up for the majority of the hour. There was still a nice moment at the end for her and Mitch; it doesn’t make up for some of what she’s done, but consider it a step in the right direction that she can get his trust back and they aren’t doomed to be in this situation forever.

This episode allowed for us to make great progress in resolving some of the big stories — Mitch (not Mr. Duncan) actually got to meet Sam, Clem was fine after giving birth, and the plan to save most of humanity is now very much in the works.

Yet, there’s this pit in our stomach that everything is going to go to hell in a handbasket pretty soon, mostly because that always does seem to happen with this show. Also, there wasn’t really much of an Abigail presence here and despite the ever-expanding hybrid army, they really weren’t much of a focus either. Can we also just say that not having the real Mitch Morgan around for a while was rather frustrating (probably for Mitch too!) and he had a lot to catch up on.

Moving into next week, we still have to learn more about Clem’s baby, including if it’s just like every other baby out there. Meanwhile, we do also have to figure out if this baby is going to be able to save the world. There are concerns up the wazoo, but for now everyone can breathe a little easier that the Zoo crew is one step closer to saving the world. They just better be prepared for battle with Abigail when she shows back up and decides to murder them all with her hybrids.

Your necessary Dariela update

This whole organization is a little ridiculous, but it’s nice to see that Tessa isn’t giving up on Jackson and she’s teaming up with Dariela. Hopefully, these two can help stop the spread of the hybrids … that barrier’s probably only gonna last for so long.

CarterMatt’s overall thoughts

This episode was far and away better than the one last week, mostly in that it opted for more control rather than an ever-present layer of craziness. Also, you pretty much had to smile seeing Clem’s baby! Grade: B+.

What’s coming on Zoo season 3 episode 12?

Don’t worry, as we’ve got some more CarterMatt news coming your way on that! Just head over to the link here and take a look. (Photo: CBS.)

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