Grey’s Anatomy season 14 spoilers: How will Meredith Grey move forward?

Meredith GreyWhile there’s been a whole lot of Grey’s Anatomy season 14 news out there in terms of Owen’s sister, Jackson’s personal life, and some other storylines, we strangely haven’t had all that much to report on when it comes to Meredith Grey.

Luckily, that’s going to be changing rather quickly as we move a little bit more into the new season. We’re going to see Meredith try to figure out once more what she wants out of her life, and a part of that could come in the form of her looking back into her own feelings. If you recall, she chose to let Nathan Riggs go at the end of this past season so he could go and be with Megan Hunt.

However, is she going to find herself second guessing some of these choices when Grey’s Anatomy season 14 picks up? Signs seem to suggest so! Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer Debbie Allen notes that she “will be going through her own self-analysis and her own rediscovery of herself.” Not only that, but she may find herself questioning whether or not letting Nathan go was the right move for her.

More than anything, what we want for Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy season 14 is simple: Happiness and peace. Maybe she realizes that she wants to fight for Nathan, or maybe she decides to move on and spend time with her family and further her career as a doctor. We know that for Meredith, nothing is ever going to be easy. That is just the hand that she’s been dealt in life, and she’s gotten used to it over time. However, we do want to think that we’re building towards something a little sweet and sincere in the end. No matter how long and tenuous the journey may be for Meredith, we’re hoping for some opportunities to smile when her story does eventually wind down.

Does CarterMatt think that Meredith and Riggs actually still end up together?

It’s always hard to say in advance of the show airing, but know this: Grey’s Anatomy has a tendency to make the unexpected a reality. Even though Megan is back and Nathan does have feelings for her, he had feelings for the Megan he knew many years ago. This could be a very different version of Megan from the one he knew in the past, and she’s been through so much that he may not be able to reconnect with her in the way that he hopes. It’s sad, but sometimes that’s the reality when you are dealing with someone who has experienced great trauma.

Riggs and Meredith, when they finally got together near the end of season 14, were strong and fun. We’ll see if there’s a way to bring that relationship back.

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