Is Queen of the South new tonight? Early season 3 plans…

Queen of the South new tonightIs Queen of the South new tonight on USA? After the thrill ride that we’ve been on for the past few months with this series, we certainly want more!

Well, here’s the bad news: The showdown that you got last week between Camila and Teresa is going to be the last of its kind until 2018. CarterMatt has confirmation (via the network) that the third season will premiere next year, so there’s still a bit of a wait for new episodes – but at least you know they’re coming!

Beyond that, also know that the show will be getting started with the writing process before too long! That’s something that the official writers room confirmed online, saying that they haven’t started yet, but that they will hopefully get a little bit more casting news and the like before too long. If the enthusiasm continues for season 3, (like it did for season 2) then there’s a lot of good stuff on the horizon.

We just hope that you’re patient — to help tide you over, we do have a quote to share after the video below about what could be coming.

If you do want some more Queen of the South season 3 teases…

Show executive producer Natalie Chaldez recently spoke in a post on USA’s blog, and  she gave a few more details about what will be coming when the series starts airing new episodes again:

“Well, expect Teresa to be on her own two feet. She’s operating as a drug boss away from Camila Vargas, but with Camila out to get her, set for revenge for her husband’s death. We’ll see an even more empowered Teresa, trying to find her feet as a queen pin.

“On Camila’s side, she will have made an alliance with the sociopathic, but powerful Colonel Cortes. I think we all know that’s not going to end well. There’s going to be challenges with her daughter and her continued involvement with the Jimenez family, Boaz and Kique. That’s going to cause trouble between Camila and Isabela. There will be more enemies and the DEA is not going away either, so we’re really excited for season three. We shot in Bogota this last season, and we’re going to shoot overseas again. I don’t want to say where because it could spoil the story.”

Obviously with heading to Bogota it’s clear that Queen of the South is striving for authenticity, and creating a story that’s both dramatic and modern, fantastic and twisted. They want to create an incredible show and also a dramatic experience for their viewers that does leave you on the edge of your seat. Personally, we’re excited to see an even more driven Camila, even if the thought of her wanting revenge is rather scary given that we already know what she’s capable of thanks to the events of season 2.

Are you bummed that there is no more Queen of the South for the rest of the season? Be sure to share now in the CarterMatt comments section below! (Photo: USA.)

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