Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Double eviction hopes (day 78, afternoon)

double evictionConsider this the last Big Brother 19 live feed update before the double eviction show on Thursday night, and we are certainly excited! Even though we have been saying all week here at CarterMatt that we have a reasonably good idea as to what is going to happen on the show, at the same time there are no guarantees and crazy things can go down depending on who ends up winning Head of Household (go Kevin, go!).

Let’s start with the first eviction of the night: It’s going to be Jason. We’ve heard discussions already about telling him that his time in the game is over, but nobody has actually gone over to Jason and clued him in on that just yet. As far as Jason knows, he is still safe. This should prove to be a very good moment on TV if the secret is actually kept — it’s too bad that we don’t think that Josh and Paul will keep this to themselves. The ghost of blindside-ruiner James Huling still haunts the house!

What happens from here? – Well, a whole lot of it is going to depend heavily on who ends up winning HoH! Alex is going to be the target of many players, but how she goes on the block varies depending on who wins the power. If Josh or Raven win, she’ll probably go up outright. If Paul wins, he’ll likely nominate Raven and Kevin and then put Alex up as a replacement nominee. For the sake of his own game, he wants to ensure that he keeps that alliance in the back pocket for as long as he can. That is why he wants to split the vote tonight so that Alex thinks that she is still with him. It’s a great move, especially since Christmas has convinced Josh to not flip out over it.

What if Alex wins? – More than likely, Paul is going to convince her to put up Raven or Kevin, and it will be easy enough to take out one of the two of them. Maybe she nominates Christmas and Josh, but everything this season has gone Paul’s way and we imagine that this will as well.

What if Kevin wins? – Then we have one of the best double eviction episodes ever, given that he would likely nominate … well, it’s honestly hard to say. Maybe he trusts Paul, but he also recognizes that Paul is playing the best game. The easy target for him is Alex just because she’s treated him like human garbage and this could be karma coming back to bite her in a big way. No one would be unhappy to see that go down.

Of course, following tonight there’ll be another HoH Competition, and hopefully we’ll learn who wins it before too long.

What do you think is going to happen on the Big Brother 19 double eviction show?

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