Madam Secretary season 4: Eric Stoltz is back on set

Eric StoltzEric Stoltz is back on the set of CBS’s Madam Secretary. According to Tea Leoni’s tweet, the actor and director was seen on the camera but in a behind the scenes way, promoting fans to believe he is back to direct. Stoltz has directed 8 episodes for the series going all the way back to Season 1. His track record on the show shows that the episodes he directs are always suspenseful and entertaining so needless to say we are excited for this one.

Meanwhile, Stoltz has also guest starred as Will Adams, the brother of Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord. While there is no official word on whether or not Stoltz will reprise his role as Will Adams, but we certainly would love to see him come back.

Elizabeth’s brother and her have a complicated relationship because Will keeps his distance after he feels guilty about their parents’ accident. When fans first met Will, we learned he was a doctor who a wife, Sophie, and a 5 year-old daughter, Annie. We also learned that he was never around to be there for his family due to the fact that he travels to places around giving them medical care. While honorable, it takes him away from his family which Elizabeth tells him is a mistake because he is missing all the important parts of his daughter’s life. While he at first appears to be leaving again, Will has a change of heart and decides to stay with his family.

So if Will Adams were to return, what could the writers do with him? Take a look at these suggestions.

Revealing more of Elizabeth – Only very many people can challenge Elizabeth, but her brother can. In the episode “Catch and Release” we saw the two of the arguing at the dinner in the way that most families argue when everyone gets to together. It was a great moment because fans were reminded that while the Secretary, Elizabeth is also human. Besides Henry, Will also allows the audience to discover more of her family background and how the death of their parents shaped her.

A powerful and great moment between the two occurred during “Tectonic Shift” when the duo argued over their parents car accident. Will reveals that he regrets not being able to save their parents. The statement takes her by surprise because she thought they died instantly. The revelation also makes her understand why her brother is obsessed with saving people who need it. It’s a great scene because for a few minutes the audience forgets that she is an important figure in our government, but a daughter who is heartbroken over her parents’ death. This results in them finally making amends.

The show could certainly add more of these moments into the show because there are certainly more of them to tell.

Have Will involved in Elizabeth’s work – Another great moment for the brother and sister duo was when Elizabeth used her brother to get information for a situation she was dealing with and then blew up a person who helped get supplies to innocent people in Syria. It was a rough moment for them but again, it showed us more of who these characters are and just how far they will go for what they want and believe in. It also tells us something about Elizabeth when she uses her own brother for the greater good of the country. It says she takes her job seriously and that she is dedicated. We believe by having Will become involved with another issue she is dealing with, it would be exciting and work to help the audience better know Elizabeth.

Overall, we are so happy to see Eric Stoltz back on set and can’t wait to see what he will bring this season.

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