Wouldn’t Big Brother HOH competitions be a great Vegas attraction? Gong Show season finale

The Gong ShowIf you ask me, Big Brother should consider making a move to Vegas to offer the fans a little more fun in the form of an attraction. Viewers of Big Brother see the houseguest’s plans unravel as the show starts counting down to the finale this season and there has been plenty of drama in the house to say the least. On Thursday night, Big Brother is revealing the latest HOH competition and it’s also going to be a double eviction!

Have you ever thought you could win one of the Big Brother Head of Household competitions? It’s a mix of smarts, physical strength and facts about the show. Wouldn’t it be cool if the producers of Big Brother make this element of the show into a Vegas attraction based on the different elements? Allowing fans of the reality series to partake in a “live” HOH competition and one person be crowned head of household after each competition? sounds like something everyone would want to be part of. Who wouldn’t pay admission to have a moment like this? It would be a dream come true for many Big Brother fans!

TV shows like CSI have done very well adapting elements of their program into an attraction. Big Brother, (still solid in the ratings) would have a huge fan draw too. Plus some of their competitions would be an awesome way to re-enact special moments from the different seasons. Bringing home a power of veto medal is akin to winning a medal at a sporting event for any die-hard fan.

Gong Show season finale

The Gong Show season finale airs on Thursday night and we’re not sure if TV viewers should cheer or cry. The summer run has been a bitter-sweet run for the show. Typically game shows run their course and fans don’t seem to respond as much as other programs. This time around, (with the celebrity judges and unique host) The Gong Show season finale is getting a lot of interest.

Fans of the show will have a final chance to once again see some interesting acts as they compete for the judge’s attention. The ultimate goal is to avoid the gong strike, but the best part of the season has to be the judges. They have delightfully overshadowed many of the acts as their responses are priceless. Hopefully the show will continue and bring in new judges (and new acts).

The Ellen Dance

Finally, I’ve got to point out the latest new dance craze. OK, maybe it’s not a craze yet, but with Miley Cyrus’ endorsement, don’t be surprised if it becomes one soon. On The Ellen Show it was Miley Cyrus, who introduced the dance move called “Ellen”. Showcasing moves seen on the talk show, it made sense as to why this really could be the next big thing. Anyone can do the dance and it’s simple. Add that it’s seen every day on TV and fans need to start practicing. Oops, I mean I should start practicing as I have two left feet. The rest of you lucky dancing fans should be out on the floor showcasing your stuff.

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