Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Day 78, sponsored by Rip Van Winkle

Big Brother 19

Does it feel a lot like day 77 in the Big Brother 19 house with all the sleeping and very little strategy talk?? Well, it’s day 78 and if you’re having that feeling of deja vu it’s because today feels a lot like yesterday.

Are there still some highlights? Well, define highlights. Earlier you got to hear Raven talk about death books, which of course are the sort of thing that Raven would talk about among a billion or so other nonsensical things. Kevin and Jason got in a few snide comments about Raven later while having a conversation about things they don’t like in the house, how Paul is running this game like nobody’s business, and how they should try to keep the mood in the house steady once one of them leaves. If there is one thing that very clearly Kevin hates, it is seeing people get bashed repeatedly after they leave the game. We are right there with you Kevin.

Also, CarterMatt did learn through their conversation that Jason really wanted to be on TV over the years. He’s auditioned for American Idol, Survivor, Fear Factor, and presumably more — oh, and he doesn’t even sing all that well. Even if he does love fame, so do a lot of other people on this show, so we can’t really give him a hard time over that (other things, yes… but not that).

So why isn’t anyone talking about strategy? Well, you have to give credit to Paul, Josh, and Christmas for locking this plan down. They know what they’re doing tomorrow, and it is using a split vote in order to blindside Jason and get him sent to jury. Paul will try to keep Alex on his side by casting a vote to evict Kevin, but we’re not sure that she will buy it. Seeing her #1 ally get sent home may be the one moment that causes her to open her eyes, especially when you think about how she, (in theory) is supposed to be a big fan of the game. Sooner or later, Paul is probably going to be found out, and at that point it’s mostly about if the players on the outside have any power to do anything about it. Right now, it doesn’t seem that way and he is completely running circles around them. The craziest part of all of this is that some players don’t seem altogether convinced that Mr. Friendship is even trying to win the game. Why else would he be there, to try and sell more t-shirts to people who heavily dislike him now? Paul needs that money now too.

Tomorrow, the Double Eviction is going to air on CBS, and we’ll explore other scenarios a little more in the morning. Paul seems to have himself protected pretty well, but after the Kevin – Jason talk earlier, we’re not putting it past him to do something a little bit crazy and surprising.

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