The Sinner episode 7 spoilers: What happened ‘that night’ revealed

Sinner episode 7

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Cora so many years ago, then The Sinner episode 7 (airing on September 13), you’ll learn the truth. Everything will be revealed … or at least everything within a specific window. Just because Cora remembers doesn’t necessarily mean that her case is tied up in a way that she wants. There are so many questions that are still out there about the court case, and we are excited to see how some of these are going to play out as we move into these final two episodes.

Given that we are so close to the end though, it should be a bit of a surprise that USA is closing the metaphorical vault when it comes to details on the story ahead, although as we’ve said many times here at CarterMatt, USA loves to keep a lid on things and keep viewers guessing. Not a bad way to get people to tune in live if you ask us.

The Sinner episode 7 synopsis – “Cora journeys into the past, finally remembering the night in question.”

Here’s what we can say: Everything is connected. This is a series told in eight parts, and there is not a whole lot of room for superfluous storytelling. As a result of that, every single moment we’ve seen is intentional, and that also includes everything that we’ve seen from in the past. You will see more flashbacks to a young Cora in this episode, (just as you have all season) and you’ll likely also obtain a greater sense of understanding regarding her relationship with Ambrose. We’ve already figured out in part why he is so fascinated with this case, and it comes down to his own feeling as a detached, wayward soul. He’s looking for answers in himself by looking for answers through her.

One way or another, we expect a shocking conclusion here, in addition to a finale that puts the folks over at USA into a real pickle when it comes to assessing what the future of The Sinner will be. One of their key issues is that this is a limited series, but the ratings are so good that they may wish it wasn’t. We don’t think that you can tell this same story again with the same characters, but there is merit in looking somewhere else within the crime genre or using the same producers and cast to tell a different story, maybe one with Jessica Biel as the investigator and Bill Pullman as the defendant. So long as there’s great material at the core of the story, no one is likely to be all that resistant to coming back.

The promo that we saw for this episode is virtually a reflection of everything that we’ve seen and described here — Cora has more information, but what does it really mean?

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