This Is Us season 2 photos hint at what’s to come

This Is Us season 2 photosWe are just under 3 weeks until the NBC breakout hit series, This Is Us, returns for its second season. Recently, NBC has released some new Season 2 images giving fans a hint at what is to come and we have those for you here at CarterMatt. Over the last couple of weeks many small spoilers have been released making fans even more excited, but while we wait a little longer, let’s take a closer look at the newly released images.

Jack’s dangerous look – In the first image shows Jack in his car with a dangerous look on his face, maybe indicating that he is angry about something. It would also appear that this could be a scene from a continuation of the night Jack ruined Rebecca’s comeback to singing while performing in Cleveland with her band. If fans will remember an old boyfriend of Rebecca’s asked her to come back to the band to sing and she accepted, leaving Jack angered that she would be reunited with an old flame and the ex tries to kiss her. As a result, he drove to her performance drunk and ruined the whole thing.

So could Season 2 pick up where Season 1 left off? This photo definitely suggests that or at least tells fans the writers will be showing more of this time-frame. If not a continuation, then this is definitely around the time of his and Rebecca’s separation given his hairstyle and facial hair.

So what is Jack so angry about? Well if he and Rebecca are separated, maybe she is talking to another man. Now we aren’t suggesting she is seeing someone else, but maybe she is having an innocent conversation with someone that Jack takes the wrong way. Another suggestion is that maybe she is talking to Miguel. We know what happens to them in the future so could this be the start of a friendship that will one day turn into something more? It’s certainly an opinion for the writers to take?

This Is Us season 2 photos

Kate and Toby – Well love is certainly in the air. The second imaged shows Kate and Toby in what appears to be an intimate moment. it would appear that the happy couple are happy and in love with their future looking bright. Season 1 ended with Kate deciding to start a singing career and based on the photo, it seems like Toby is going to be supportive about it. If he wasn’t they probably wouldn’t be looking like they are about to share an intimate moment. In addition, back in Season 1 it was Toby that set up a singing gig for Kate that at first made her nervous and scared, but ended up loving the experience. It was also Toby that encouraged her to follow this career, but Kate dismissed it. Overall, it seems like Season 2 will start off with the couple in a happy place.

This Is Us season 2 photos

Toby and Kevin – The third photo is probably the most interesting because it shows a confrontation between Toby and Kevin. Toby looks to be defending himself to Kevin while Kevin listens on. So what are they arguing about? Well the most realistic answer is probably Kate. As mentioned above, we said that Toby is probably going to supportive about Kate’s new career path, but what if as the season progresses he become less supportive?

Kate’s dream could be a dead end. After all it is extremely difficult to make it in the music industry and if she were to be successful in one season, it wouldn’t fit with what this show stands for. This Is Us has always had a realistic and logical feel about it and by making Kate an overnight superstar doesn’t fit with the show. What is more realistic is that Kate’s dream is harder than expected and Toby tries to get to see that. Obviously Kate would be upset and probably go to Kevin for comfort. As a result Kevin confronts Toby.

Another possible answer is that the pair is fighting because Kevin doesn’t support Kate’s career. Or maybe Kevin is becoming distant from Kate because of his recent success as a film star.

It could also be unrelated to Kate and her career and just be that Kevin asked for relationship advice from Toby. Kevin has entered a relationship with his ex-wife and could be asking Toby for advice and Toby response with an overly emotional answer in order to get Kevin to realize something.


We can’t wait until the show returns! Hopefully, these This Is Us season 2 photos are a mere stepping stone for more great stuff being released soon.

This Is Us returns this fall to NBC on September 26. For more news related to the seriesbe sure to visit this link. (Photo: NBC.)

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