Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: More tension with Josh, Christmas (day 78, morning)

Big Brother 19Are some players in the Big Brother 19 house starting to wake up? If only that were the case! Nonetheless, we are starting to see Josh continue to be increasingly vocal on some of his frustrations towards Paul in the game, even though his alliance partner in Christmas doesn’t want to hear them. Needless to say, us here at CarterMatt are way past the point of frustration with this season’s herd of sheep.

Last night, Josh continued to bemoan Paul’s current plan to make Alex feel like the two of them are together. Josh feels like Paul is working the jury like nobody’s business, and doing so at the expense of his and Christmas’ own game. He also feels like if Alex wins Head of Household coming up, Paul wouldn’t be targeted and Alex would find other people to go after. His fear is that Paul will try to keep Alex in the game over Raven, who he may not be able to control anywhere near as much. Christmas wasn’t altogether pleased to be talking about any of this with Josh, saying that she understood why Paul wanted to do things the way that he did and wasn’t altogether worried about him bringing in Alex. Christmas is probably making a good point that Josh is making a mountain out of a molehill. Yet, simultaneously, Christmas isn’t really doing a whole lot to secure herself the jury votes to win at the end. She recognizes what Paul is doing but doesn’t seem to care about it. It’s a little strange to watch someone who is so committed to much of what they do in fitness and in life not show the same sort of commitment to winning Big Brother. We don’t quite get it, but maybe we’re not meant to.

Anyhow, Josh’s line of thinking is right since it’s good to always be questioning things in this game … even though he is wrong on a few of the finer details. For one, Paul would take Raven so much deeper into the game than he would ever take Alex, knowing full well that Alex is much more of a threat and Raven already has a final 2 deal with Paul now that Matt is gone from the game. The rest of Josh’s thinking is pretty sound, though it’s not going to get him anywhere.

Josh just likes having a sounding-board, which is why he is vocalizing so many of his various thoughts to Christmas about the game. The one thing that he does need to watch out for now is that he doesn’t drive Christmas up the wall with this to the point that she tells Paul, and Paul starts to get nervous enough that he takes Josh out of the game and slots Raven in his place. Josh may get one or two votes against Paul in the end; meanwhile, Raven’s getting one and that’s it.

Do you think that Josh could be in trouble if Paul finds out about his concerns?

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