American Horror Story: Cult episode 2 preview: Sarah Paulson cries ‘clown’!

American Horror Story: Cult episode 2Are you ready for American Horror Story: Cult episode 2? We’re not sure that you are after what we all witnessed in the premiere episode, which was basically a walking nightmare for those of you who really hate clowns. It was weird, it was fairly scary, and above all else it will probably get people talking since they are touching on some issues that are very current right now. Ryan Murphy isn’t afraid to push the envelope further with every passing season, and we imagine that this is going to continue as American Horror Story: Cult continues.

So where can this story go now that we’ve met some of the key players, and seen some very different sides to both Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters than what we’ve seen in seasons past? Paulson’s Ally Mayfair-Richards is one of the main characters for the new season, and she’s doing what she can to protect her family during what is a heinous time. One of the problems she’s facing is that she’s being treated as the woman who cried clown. She saw what she saw, and nobody believes her. What the show seems to be going for here is twofold:

1. Perpetuating some of the stories that are out there about evil clowns — they’ve dominated the news cycle as of late, and we imagine that they are going to do so once again this year.

2. The whole idea of nobody believing anything these days until they see it with their own eyes. This is actually an ideology furthered along by the whole political fake-news movement that is going on. It’s probably going to be a part of this show in one way or another as it progresses, given that you’ve got characters who are so divided.

Overall, we do figure that American Horror Story: Cult is going to be a heck of a bizarre ride; if you enjoyed some of the other seasons then odds are you will enjoy this one as well so long as you leave some of your common sense at the door and just enjoy it for what it is: A politically-charged horror romp with very good performers at the center of it.

And to think, there are a good many accomplished actors on this season who we haven’t even seen in action yet! We’re just glad that we got a glimpse of Colton Haynes in the premiere, given that this is something that we weren’t anticipating that we were going to see right away. Sometimes, American Horror Story seasons do tend to start slow when it comes to their reveals of various characters; here, executive producers Ryan Murphy and Tim Minear more or less shot us out of a cannon.

What do you think is coming in American Horror Story: Cult episode 2?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Meanwhile, one other story you should really check out now is some of our early ratings expectations for this season as a whole. We’ll be back with some additional news before long. (Photo: FX.)

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