Zoo season 3 finale spoilers: First look at possible series finale

Zoo season 3 finaleWe obviously don’t want to think about the Zoo season 3 finale (airing on Thursday, September 21) as the possible end of the series, but could it be? With this show, we do need to recognize that this is a possibility, (even if we don’t want to), and it’s all because the ratings for the series are what they are. The show is struggling to bring in the numbers. Hopefully, there’ll be a few surges at the end of this season and we’ll get a chance to see Jackson, Mitch, and the rest of the gang come back for Zoo season 4.

For the sake of this article, though, we want to get you as prepared as possible for the end of season 3 — with only a minor warning for spoilers ahead. CBS has officially released the synopsis for the Zoo season 3 finale (entitled “The Barrier”) and it doesn’t give away too much, but we understand that there may be some people that don’t want to know anything before watching the episode:

“The team races to stop the hybrids from breaching the barrier wall by shutting down the last beacon that draws them in.”

As we said, the tease is not all that substantial, but it doesn’t need to be in order to convince us of just how screwed some members of our beloved Zoo crew could be. If the hybrids breach the barrier, there’s a pretty good chance that they will come and murder much of the remaining human race. This show is the ultimate underdog story, but that is what makes it so exciting! You want to root for the heroes to find a way to make it through, even if the odds are stacked against them and it feels the vast majority of the time like everyone is doomed to suffer some sort of unspeakable fate.

Now, here is a clear question…

Will there be a big cliffhanger? Given the show’s uncertain future, it an enormous risk to leave us dangling in the finale without much of a sense as to whether or not the show is coming back. We certainly wouldn’t want to risk it if we were concerned over the ratings or the reality of the possibly show ending. Yet, the decision here could very much come down to what the priorities for the fine folks over at Zoo really are. Maybe (to a certain degree) there is this feeling that the show should always be pushing its characters and having the drama be almost never-ending. Maybe it never really stops for the Zoo crew and they can’t have peace. If there’s a cliffhanger and the show does get canceled, we’ll just have to use our imagination to figure out what happens next.

What do you want to see in the Zoo season 3 finale?

How do you imagine that this season is going end regardless of if this is the final season or not? Be sure to share some of your predictions below!

Also, take a look at this link in the event you do want to preview the next new Zoo episode airing on CBS Thursday night. (Photo: CBS)

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