New Lethal Weapon season 2 promo released by Fox

Lethal Weapon season 2 promoThe first season of the FOX series, Lethal Weapon, reminded fans why they love the premise of the show. Based off of the movie of the same name, the series is funny and at times serious, but overall it works to deliver the right combination of action and entertainment. The new season 2 promo video gives fans a taste of what is to come and, no surprise, it’s set to be another good one.

In the video, we see that Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) and Martin Riggs (Clayne Crawford) are chasing down bad guys once again with Riggs stating right from the beginning that he likes his partner, Murtuagh, but he’s too emotional. From there fans get a preview of some examples of Murtaugh’s overly emotional moments, including him admitting to Riggs he loves him while Riggs has a man at gunpoint. It’s a great funny moment and one that the series does best. The overall dynamic of one of them being the serious cop, while the other one serves as the comic relief, isn’t a new concept, but Lethal Weapon portrays it in a way that’s not boring or old. The show makes it exciting and funny so that fans want to keep watching it.

After, the video previews some outrageous situations that the pair will find themselves in. We have no doubts that this will be a season fans will not want to miss and if the promo doesn’t make fans excited, they should at least want answers from the Season 1 finale.

If fans will remember, Riggs left for Mexico after making a startling discovery about his wife’s death and when Murtaugh becomes worried about Riggs the seasons ends with him driving overnight to Mexico in order to help Riggs. So the mystery question is whether or not Season 2 will open with the duo in Mexico? It’s definitely a possibility that for a brief part of the season premiere that it be set in Mexico to reveal what Riggs and Murtaugh were able to uncover. If not, then we hope the series at least mentions the pair’s time there and how everything went.

Overall, fans will want to mark your calendars because the countdown begins because you won’t have to wait much longer to watch Murtaugh and Riggs make your Tuesday nights better.

Lethal Weapon returns September 26 (a new night) on FOX. For more news related to Lethal Weaponbe sure to visit this link. Also, be sure to share what you think about this Lethal Weapon season 2 promo now in the comments! (Photo: Fox)

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